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Learn Recruitment & Acquisition Of Effective Sales Talent

Recruiters & Hiring Managers, Learn Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Skills For Recruiting The Best Sales Talent.
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“This course went straight to the best practices in interviewing for a sales role and already includes very practical and valuable information.” – Janet A.
“A course from salespersons perspective on recruiting is amazing because the factors that are really important are covered rather than generic HR questions that are not related to sales but generic HR recruiters still ask. So, in case you need to hire salesperson, or are even a salesperson who wants to understand the hiring process, this is the course for you.” – Deepak
“We are currently hiring a sales team in our company and this turned out to the perfect course, the concepts are explained clearly, sales concepts, interview basics and how to approach the entire process. Great course.” – Car I.
“Great interview course overall with sales as focus which is good. Sales interviews are generally different than regular interviews so that aspect is covered well.” – Sharad
“This course is really helpful as it explains the process of hiring and how crucial it is. Very helpful and interesting course.” – Krittika A.
In this course you will get the benefit from our 40 years of combined experience in interviews, recruitment, mentoring, coaching and career progression. Learn exactly how to conduct a sales interview so that you maximise the talent pipeline for your organisation. Whether you are just starting out conducting interviews or more experienced, this course will help you get the right people hired.
Remember, when it comes to top-rated sales skills, its not just you evaluating the candidate, for many sales roles, top candidates are also assessing you – so you need to run the best possible interview – in this course we teach you exactly how to do that.
Get the following when you enrol:
•Engaging lessons that teach you key concepts and build up your confidence so you can apply what you’ve learnt
•Downloadable worksheets that you can refer to and get the tips and tricks you need for your activities and actions
•Access to Tracey Ashington and Salil Dhawan at any time through the messaging and assignments feature of the platform
•Encouragement from other students who are focused on the same goal, just like you
•Articles, resources and additional material to maximise your learning experience and ensure you achieve your goal
Enrol today and we look forward to seeing you be successful in your next technical job interview!

You will learn

✓ Learn what to look for in salespeople; can they sell themselves, how do they overcome obstacles
✓ How to tell if the candidate would be dedicated to the sales position they are interviewing for
✓ Questions to ask an interview candidate for an entry level sales position
✓ Questions to ask an interview candidate for a more experienced sales level position
✓ Trick questions that will keep your sales candidate on their toes so you can see how they handle customers
✓ How to determine if the candidate can work well as part of a broader sales team in your organisation
✓ Learn the proper interview process as well as giving feedback and post-interview admin
✓ Interviewing for fit, aspirations and culture as well as how to divide up time in an interview
✓ Pre-interview, post-interview admin and getting organised and ready to conduct your interview


• No experience required, you don’t even need experience conducting interviews

This course is for

• Students are typically managers, recruiters or anyone involved in the hiring process
Serial Entrepreneur, Salesman and Motivator
Salil Dhawan is a serial entrepreneur who has started, grown and automated over 7 businesses including a manufacturing business that supplies to an Amazon seller business that has increased distribution by being in wholesale business as well as 3 wholly-owned retail locations.
He has also used his knowledge from Business School at Boston University along with his experience in Business to start a Coaching as well as Consulting Business so that he can help entrepreneurs through his own learnings and experience.
His motivation to create courses as well as start coaching came from a feeling of lack of support he felt in his journey at times. The feeling changed when he met his mentor who supported him and gave him strength throughout his journey. To emulate the fulfillment his mentor received by helping entrepreneurs, he has started the same journey.
He looks forward to helping everyone achieve their potential and have a great sales career, business and life.
Platform: Udemy
Video: 4h 9m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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