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Beginners Python Programming – Learn By Coding Games

Learn Python the fun way. Build arcade games with animation and sound. Programming for complete beginners of any age.
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Writing your own computer programs is a great skill to have. Whether it’s for a hobby, a school computer science course, University or because you’d like a career as a software engineer.
We all have to start at the beginning. This is why my Python course doesn’t require any previous knowledge of computer programming. We’ll start at the very beginning and work from there. Whatever your age, 9 to 90 this course will take you step-by-step from your very first line of code through to a fully working, object orientated, Python application.
And what could be a more fun way to learn coding than to write computer games?
All the programming examples and exercises in my course are based around building your very own games programs.
We’ll learn how to store data to represent game characters, test what’s happening in our game so our code can decide what to do next, build Python classes to create objects that model our game, and add sound effects and graphics to make them look cool.
We start with some simple text based games to teach you the basics of coding. Then we quickly move on to basic animation techniques. Finally we code a full version of the classic snake game which brings all your coding skills together and shows you how to apply them using professional programming techniques to create complex applications with ease.
Every lesson is video-based and I take you through every line of code, explaining exactly how it works. There’s lots of opportunity for you to have a go yourself first but knowing my fully explained solutions are there when you need them.
As I work through the code on screen you follow along on your computer. As I get the code working so do you. Every piece of code we write in each lesson can also be downloaded as part of the lesson’s resources. This way you always have a reference to fall back on if you need it.
By the end of this course you will have all the skills required to write well structured, object orientated, working, Python games. You’ll then be ready to expand your skills into any areas of programming you desire.
So boot up your computer and start coding today.

You will learn

✓ How to have fun learning to code – no tedious exercises, no meaningless programs – just working games!
✓ How to build your own fully working, object orientated, Python games and programs
✓ Professional Python skills to get you through GCSE (16 year old) and A-Level (18 year old) Computer Science courses
✓ How to install Python and a beginner friendly development system (all the software is free)
✓ How data is stored by your code so you can manipulate and make decisions based on it
✓ How to use Pythons lists and tuples to create collections of data
✓ What Python classes and objects are and how they can be used to encapsulate data and code
✓ How to design your own classes and use Object Orientated Programming techniques
✓ How to break down complex problems and design classes to share the programming load
✓ How to create animations using PyGame – a Python package for games coding
✓ How to integrate sound effects and backing music into your games
✓ Collision detection techniques to get your games working
✓ State machine techniques to control how the game and individual characters behave


• No prior programming knowledge is required.
• A computer or laptop.
• All the required software is free to download and use

This course is for

• Anyone interested in learning to program computers.
• Kids who want coding to be fun – no tedious exercises or writing out meaningless algorithms for your IT course
• Any age from 10 years old upwards.
• GCSE and A Level Computer Science students
• Anyone interested in games coding
• Hobbyists wanting to add code to their projects
Software Developer and Game Coder
I love to code. Games, web applications, electronic devices, business systems. I love learning new programming languages and new uses for computers. I also love to teach others and see them develop their skills and enthusiasm for all forms of technology.
I’ve been working in and teaching software engineering for over 30 years. From factory sized automation systems to small handheld devices, from business data systems to personal websites. It’s all fascinating work and has given me a vast resource to draw from.
Working with Udemy allows me to share my excitement for code through my courses. So please join me on your own journey of software discovery.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 13h 24m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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