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Learn Psychology: How Your Mind Works in Six Lectures

Learn how your brain secretly influences your perception, memory, emotions, self-image, and social behavior. Psychology.
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Our mind doesn’t work the way we think.
When I was a psychology student, I was often baffled by the things I learned.
“How can this not be common knowledge?” I thought.
In this course, I want to share psychology insights that completely changed the way I look at the world.
Many of the lessons you are about to learn may seem crazy, but they are actually backed up by decades of research.
Discover how your brain secretly edits what you perceive and remember, why emotions can make your life messy, and how your social nature influences your behavior.
After this course, you will understand:
•What psychology (and a psychologist) really is.
•How your perception works and how your brain constructs your reality
•How your memory works and why you often shouldn’t trust it.
•Why emotions can make life messy and the hidden mechanisms behind this.
•Why most people have an unrealistic self-image and why this is actually healthy.
•How your social nature influences your behavior (more than you think).
In short, you will learn key psychology lessons in just a few lectures and get a completely different perspective on yourself and the world.
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What do students say?
★★★★★ “An excellent and very helpful course!!! Strongly recommended!” Olga Galanaki
★★★★★ “The course is perfect and on point unlike some other courses its not boring at all.You can easily understand even if you’ve no prior knowledge.” Aruhi Patel
★★★★★ “It was amazing.” Nnadiukwu Ronald
★★★★★ “I loved the experiments shared by you, during the course of lecture. It is exceptionally good and helps in relating to the content of this lecture. Simply Awesome.” Kinshuk Joshii
★★★★★ “Very informative and easy to understand.” Kathryn Sheehan
★★★★★ “Extremely well structured, very engaging, informative and easy to follow! The teacher did a great job in exposing me to my unchallenged beliefs and biases. His lectures gave me a lot to think about.” Alice
★★★★★ “Great Course!” Ugochi Oduozo
★★★★★ “This course was perfectly explained. Very informative. I wouldn’t change a thing with the lectures.” Tiffany Baker
★★★★★ “This is a lot of great informtion in this course. Very worth while taking. Andre Klapper sure knows his psychology. Thank you.” Bobbie Smith
★★★★★ “Very insightful and explained in a simple, relatable way.” Inge Pick
★★★★★ “I found this topic so fascinating. I will be doing another course to gain a better understanding. Thinking of taking this course, do it, you will not be disappointed.” Kerry Munjanganja

You will learn

✓ Discover how your mind (really) works
✓ See what role psychology plays in your life
✓ Learn fundamental lessons about yourself and other people that most people don’t know about
✓ Know influential psychology findings that are fun to share with your friends and colleagues
✓ Discover how unreliable your perception, memories, and self-knowledge can be


• Interest in psychology

This course is for

• Anybody who is interested in psychology
• People who want to understand how the human mind works
• People who are looking for interesting conversation starters and topics
• People who are considering to study psychology
• Beginning psychology students who want a fun introduction to the field
Researcher, Neuroscientist, Psychologist
I am a Psychology/ Neuroscience researcher and best-selling instructor with more than 10+ years of training and experience. Learning how our mind and brain work and conducting research on these topics has been incredibly fascinating for me and it definitely enriched my life. My mission is to share my experience with other people and help them to get the most out of themselves. I have courses on Research, Psychology, and Neuroscience. Why learn from me?
– 2000+ enthusiastic reviews (4.5 stars on average).
– Short and concise lectures – straight to the point without any unnecessary information.
– It’s fun. I love the topics I teach and want you to fall in love with them, too.
Join 10000+ students and see for yourself what my courses have in store for you.
Questions? Feel free to send me a message!
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 50m
Language: English
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