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Learn Professional C++ | Introduction to Boost C++ Libraries

Learn Non-std. C++ functions, containers, classes for Professional coding in C/C++. Gear-up for Industrial applications.
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•Course title: “Learn Professional C++ | Introduction to the Boost C++ Libraries”
•Duration: 7 hrs+
•Boost C++ is a set of libraries with much more detailed & simplified function in addition to ISO C++ Standard libraries.
•In fact, much of the features have been taken from Boost lib & incorporated into ISO C++ library.
•In this course, there will be no series 2 (with same name), bcoz there will be continuous addition of new programs.
•As this course is for lifetime access as per the platform’s membership policy, so no problem in there.
•Topics covered:
   – Assign: +=, insert(), push_front(), list_of(), map_list_of(), tuple_list_of()
   – Container:
– vector: element each of 1, 2, multiple
– list: element each of 1, 2, multiple
    – deque: element each of 1, 2, multiple
– set: element each of 1, 2, multiple
– map: element of 2
– multimap: element of 2
– multiset: element each of 1, 2, multiple
– stack: element each of 1, 2, multiple
   – String: conversion, erase, trim, replace, split
• Applications using C++:
   – Blockchain (EOS)
   – Data Science
– write faster code: C++ (definitely for Codebases)
– write code fast: python (NOT for Codebase)
   – GUI (using Qt)

You will learn

✓ Non-standard C++ libraries: Boost C++ libraries
✓ Many custom libraries
✓ Setup “Sublime Text 3” Editor for C++
✓ Write efficient code without using C++ IDEs


• Be able to write simple C/C++ programs
• Computer Basics

This course is for

• beginner-level programmers
• Aspiring C++ developers
• Build C++ fundamentals for EOS Blockchain
• who want to write memory efficient C++ codes using non-standard library
• who want to use Boost C++ library
• who want to switch coding career from Python to C++ in order to write fast performing codes
Data Science, Bots, Blockchain, C++, Python
Block.Hub is an Academy which aims at educating people through courses on Data Science, Bots, Blockchain, Cryptography, Smart contracts, Programming languages (C++, Python) and related topics.
The Academy is aimed at giving students, an industrial experience of Software development. It’s more about practical programming rather than just sticking to theoretical concepts.
In the last few years, data has literally exploded. In fact, 95% of the total data has been created in the last few years. And of course, that’s followed by the increasing no. of Software jobs & it’s requirements.
Getting a college degree is not going to be the only way of examining talent. But, rather it’s going to be more about programming experience in real world case studies. And that’s where this academy comes into picture.
The Academy is highly committed to release course(s) — at least two per month. So, that students can get a faster way to learn newer & unconventional ways of coding.
This will make a student confident enough to work solo as a freelancer, if needed. We believe in making every student as ‘Independent’ Software Developer.

“Programmers of tomorrow are the wizards of the future…” – Gabe Newell
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 7h 27m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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