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Learn Java Unit Test: Mockito & Powermock Complete Tutorial

JUnit 5 with Mockito and JUnit 5 with Powermock absolutly tutorial on JUnit 5 framework Java 16 and JoCoCo maven plugin
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Table of contents


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Learn Java Unit Test: Mockito & Powermock Complete Tutorial contains below agenda, this course base on JAVA 16 and latest mockito 3.x version and latest powermock most detials guidance how to write the unit test code.
  1. overview understand mocking
    1.1 F.I.R.S.T Principles introduction
    1.2 what is mocking
    1.3 simulate the user login application
    1.4 unit test the user login function with mockito
  2. Mockito details tutorial
    2.1 how to mock objects
    2.2 deep mock
    2.3 mock object stubbling statement
•      when…thenReturn
•      doReturn…when
•      doNothing…when
•      when…thenThrow
•      doThrow…When
•      when…thenAnswer
•      doAnswer…when
•      when…thenCallRealMethod
•      doCallRealMethod…when
    2.4  Stubbing statement – multiple return values
    2.5 Stubbing statement – Cascading code style
    2.6 Spying
    2.7 Mockito argument matcher
    2.8 verify method invocations
    2.9  verify with VerificationMode
    2.10 Mockito verify Interactions
    2.11 Mockito ArgumentCaptor & @Captor
    2.12 @InjectMocks
  3. Mockito Inline  Module
    3.1 Mockito & BDD code style
    3.2 Mockito mock static method
    3.3 Mockito mock final classes & methods
  4. Powermock details tutorial
    4.1 what is powermock
    4.2 why need powermock
    4.3 powermock mock local variables
    4.4 powermock mock  static methods
    4.5 powermock mock final classes & methods
    4.6 powermock mock private methods
    4.7 powermock spying
  5. JoCoCo
    5.1 JoCoCo for unit test coverage report on-the fly instrumentation
    JoCoCo for unit test coverage report offline instrumentation

You will learn

✓ Know the unit test F.I.R.S.T principles
✓ How to write the correct unit test in Java
✓ Fully understand the Mockito 3.x usage
✓ Fully understand the Powmock usage
✓ Fully understand the TDD methodology
✓ Unit test coverage by JoCoCo


• Basic knowledge of unit testing(Junit 5)
• Basic Java knowledge (version 1.8 or above)
• Basic Knowledge of Maven
• Experience of Intellij IDEA

This course is for

• Java Developer
• JVM(Scala,Groovy,Koltin) Language Develop Engineer
• QA Developer
• Devops Engineer
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 5h 51m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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