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Learn How To Work Well, Stress Less, Avoid Burnout

Reduce Stress, Be More Productive, Improve Quality Of Life And Feel Great At Study, Work And Home FOREVER
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•Are you stressed?
•Struggling to focus at work?
•Brainache from too much study?
•Don’t want to get up in the mornings and always tired?
•Want more control over your own life?
•Worried about going back to work after a break? Start taking control of your work habits, say goodbye to stress and unhappiness. This course will help you develop a toolkit that could change your working life FOREVER.
This course is a practical guide to understanding the impact stress plays on our work roles and vice versa. It includes  practical exercises and takeaway checklists for easy reference. The course is designed to help you develop increased control over stress triggers quickly, in and out of the workplace. The overall aim of this course is to provide you with a happier work situation and IMPROVED QUALITY OF LIFE.
More and more people are finding it difficult to meet and manage the demands of a modern world. In the past 3 years’ stress and burnout, has featured in the top 3 reasons for work related sickness and is high on the drop out rates for study. It affects us all, you are not alone.
I work with hundreds of people like you each year who struggle to face the daily grind and go off sick, or just can’t cope. By teaching them techniques and tips to improve their health, many successfully get into and stay in work, improve study and learn to be happier and more productive.
Stress is on the rise. The challenging economic climate, rising workloads, pressures to obtain good grades, the need to keep updated with the latest thing, organisational changes, financial and job insecurity are among the top causes of stress, especially at work. Studies suggest stress now effects more individuals than ever before. 
Stress impacts whole organisational workforces, both large and small. Alongside the direct financial cost of sickness from stress, it lowers team morale, leads to mistakes and lowers productivity. In today’s busy world, it is hard to slow down the merry-go-round.
This course will look at:
•What links stress and work and why this is relevant to your own circumstances•What stress is and how to spot your own signs•When stress affects us as individuals and how to better control your symptoms•What work or study place factors can increase stress levels and how to manage those•Achieving a better work-life balance and create improved life satisfaction long termSome courses focus on the science behind stress. This is important, but does not always help you practically manage it. We cannot underestimate the importance of non-work influences on our daily work routine or productivity. Humans are complex beings, we cannot easily compartmentalise sections of our lives. No one recipe fits all.Learn to improve your life lot both in and out of the workplace.
Throughout this course, we will consider the holistic nature of your situation and take into account factors in and out of work that can be contributing to your stress. This course will help you improve your ability to manage your life as a whole.
The course consists of video lectures, together with some supplementary materials, exercise worksheets and checklists to enhance your learning. This course should take about half a day to complete but ongoing practice is highly recommended!

You will learn

✓ Function better at work or study
✓ Discover the difference between stress and pressure
✓ Understand personal stress triggers and what you can do to decrease the effects
✓ Take back control over your working environment
✓ Confidently improve and increase your communication skills
✓ Know how to tweak non-work factors to enhance work productivity and performance
✓ Develop a stress support plan
✓ Improve long term resilience and sustainability at work
✓ Use sleep, relaxation and breathing techniques
✓ Identify proven tools and techniques for a healthier lifestyle and long term life satisfaction


• No prior knowledge is assumed or required to complete this course.
• BUT you will need to have an openness to learn about yourself and complete supporting materials.
• Willingness to put into practice information gained from the teachings and commitment to take positive action.
• An internet connection is essential!

This course is for

• All audiences with any level of knowledge or experience but with a particular relevance to the working age population.
• People in work, returning to work or thinking about starting a job or further study.
• University, College or High School students struggling to balance work overload without becoming too stressed.
• For employers or managers looking to reduce stress within the workplace, reduce stress sickness absence and improve team working.
• Those who find it hard to switch off from work
Consultant OT & Accredited Healthcare Trainer
Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 16m
Language: English
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