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Learn Guitar Repair – Module 1, Maintaining Your Guitar

Award Winner - Module 1, learn guitar maintenance from a professional. Includes floating bridge, fret/fingerboard clean
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Learn how to repair guitars today, by training as a Guitar Repair Technician.

Module 1, Maintaining Your Guitar, is the first of the Guitar Repair Technician series that opens the way for you to affordably and conveniently learn (from home) how to maintain electric and acoustic guitars and basses. With this ‘entry level’ module, you’ll learn how to effectively carry out full, professional maintenance tasks on your own and customer guitars. The course includes how to re-string floating bridge guitars, how to clean the fingerboard and frets, how to remove the crackling noises from your electrics (pots, switches etc.) and much more.
Follow step by step with videos, downloads, quizzes and tasks.  Ask questions.  Repeat the course as many times as necessary.
Once you’ve completed this module, you’ll be ready to confidently and effectively tackle many of the common guitar maintenance tasks asked for by customers, and you’ll also save a fortune being able to work on your own instrument.  
Certificate of Completion and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Learner reviews:
“Great course!”
“The instructor’s explanations are detailed, demonstrating knowledge and excellence in the art of ‘Luthieria’.”
“Yes! Thanks Kevin!”
“It’s good for beginner, he explains well everything”
“A most enjoyable course. I learned something new in each module. In those where I had no experience with the topic at all, things were explained clearly and made simple. Very easy to follow along.”
“An informative and enjoyable course filled with valuable hands-on examples of proper guitar maintenance practices. Great for both beginners and more advanced guitar enthusiasts willing to learn how to take care of their instrument without spending a fortune on taking it to the luthier.”
“Very detailed instructions, the instructor is very knowledgable and concise.  I would highly recommend this course, can’t wait for the next course.”
“It was a very solid back grounding and I will be looking for a more advanced course now and an opportunity to work on some instruments.”
“This course was exactly what I wanted. I was looking into guitar building but over time realised it wasn’t what I wanted. I was more interested in how guitars work and how to repair and maintain them. This was perfect and easy to follow.”
“The course is very informative, entertaining and the guy is pretty funny. Watching on mobile and so far it’s pretty easy to use. No hacks required.”

The award-winning Guitar Repair Technician training program has been a preferred choice within the Wales Employability Sector for guitar repair training (electric, bass, acoustic, classical), and was entered onto the Careers Wales database of approved courses in 2013.  
The problem for many, however, was access to the guitar repair workshops i.e. many people simply were unable to attend workshops  to learn how to repair electric guitars and other types due to time constraints, geographic location and transportation.  
The solution:  The Guitar Repair Technician training program is now available here through Udemy’s online learning platform for you to learn how to fix your own guitar and customer guitars in your own time, and without needing to leave home.  
This module focuses on specific maintenance jobs that a Guitar Repair Technician might experience, whether you’re working in the Guitar and Music industry, following a hobby or simply maintaining your own guitar to keep it in great shape.
Other Guitar Repair training courses are expensive, long and often not easily accessible. This module (selected as a UK government approved training course) would cost in excess of £250 per day – here through Udemy, you now save a fortune!
With a 30-day money back guarantee, unlimited access any time anywhere and on any device and a certificate of completion to show future employers or to add credibility to your technical know-how and services, there’s no better time to sign up to the course.  So click on the button and I’ll see you there!

You will learn

✓ Essential everyday tools and resources needed to maintain electric, acoustic, bass and classical guitars.
✓ Cleaning the guitar fingerboard and frets.
✓ How to re-string a guitar, including Floyd Rose floating bridge systems.
✓ Preparing a guitar for polishing, and how to re-assemble after polishing.
✓ How to remove crackly electric noise from electric guitars’ control knobs and switches.
✓ What to polish, how to polish, and preferred types of cleaning solutions.
✓ String types and gauges for classical, acoustic, bass and electric guitars.
✓ So are you ready? OK, let’s get busy!


• Have enthusiasm and a desire to learn about guitar repair.
• Access to the Internet with download capability.
• A place in your house to repair guitars, a sturdy table and tools (listed in Section 2).

This course is for

• Beginner guitar players who need to know how to maintain and re-string their instrument
• Anyone who tinkers with guitars for a hobby.
• Those who are at the beginning of their journey into the technical side of guitars.
• Guitarists who want to save money by maintaining your own instrument.
• People who work in music shops.
• All guitar lovers with a technical mind who want to work in the Guitar Repair / Technician industry.
Qualified Teacher for Music, Guitar Repair and Computing
Qualified as a teacher in 1995.  Experience with teaching from ages 7 to 85 in formal and informal settings.  Subject Advisor for Initial Teacher Training.  Assistant Head Teacher and Subject Leader for Computer Studies.  Successful career. 
When not marking papers, I enjoy my time teaching people how to play and repair guitars, whilst following my other passions for cooking and traveling the country. 
I’m very much a creative person, making the most of life and my interests.  And that’s also included self employment, something that I really enjoy.  I particularly loved the Guitar Repair ’employability’ projects that I’d established and ran for a number of years .. and actually secured European Social Funding to deliver the programs, and received a national ‘EU Funds Winner’ award for the most progress made with individuals.  I’m very proud of that, extremely proud of those folks who used the training programs to improve their lives in even the smallest ways, and grateful for those who gave their time freely to help where possible.
Most importantly for me, when you’re on my training courses, is that you’re inspired, you benefit from the training, and you’re enjoying it!
I’ll leave it at that, and look forward to seeing you on my training programs.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 28m
Language: English
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