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Learn ETL Testing With Informatica PowerCenter Today

Learn ETL testing now. Step-by-step software testing with relevant exercises. Learn now and get your promotion!
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The Primary objective of this course to make you familiar with ETL testing concepts.
The course starts with data warehousing concepts, as that is required before you start testing the data in data warehouse. 
You should be well versed is SQL (RDBMS query language), hence this tutorial has a brief introduction to SQL and normalization to structure data in a database.
You will learn how to test the loaded data by ETL process after transformations. After you finish the tutorial, you can start creating a set of test cases for your ETL mapping and build your own queries to execute them.
All sections of the course will have relevant exercises for you to do, so you can practice your new skills. 

ETL stands for Extract-Transform-Load. It is a process of loading data from the source system to the data warehouse.
ETL testing is done to ensure that the data loaded from the source system to a data warehouse (after transformations), is accurate.

• ETL testing professionals are in high demand in the market. Tools like Informatica PowerCenter, IBM Infosphere Information Server, Oracle data Integrator,etc. are in huge demand in the Industry and there is no sign of this trend should stop growing anytime soon.•ETL testing Jobs are generally well payed and include many benefits.•Learning ETL testing will improve your data analytical skills. 

Is it easy to get a job in ETL testing?
I would say it is “easy”. But if you have the right knowledge (like this course) and SQL experience, it should not be much of a problem to get a good ETL testing job in various companies. The future of ETL Testing is very bright. There will always be a need to store data for analysis, for any organizations that has large amount of transactions.

What skills are required before I opt for ETL testing?
ETL is all about playing with large data in database. You must have good knowledge of database structured query language (SQL), and knowledge of data warehousing concepts. A short refresher to SQL will be given in the course.

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You will learn

✓ Learn ETL testing and get a promotion/new job
✓ Data warehousing Concepts
✓ Normalization of data
✓ ETL process with some transformations
✓ ETL testing process with test scenarios
✓ How to test the scenarios with examples
✓ What issues can impact the data quality of data in a data warehouse
✓ Much more…


• Student should have hands on experience and knowledge to SQL
• Student should be familiar with data warehousing concepts and ETL tool
• Software required: Oracle SQL-Developer (free) & Informatica PowerCenter

This course is for

• Beginners who want to get job on ETL Testing quickly
• IT professionals with very basic knowledge on Database concepts
• Developers that wants a increased salary
• Project Managers, Database Professionals, Mainframe Professionals, SQL Developers
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 5m
Language: English
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