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Learn Ethical Hacking / Pen testing & Bug Bounty Hunting A:Z

Learn ethical hacking:Become a Pro ethical hacker that can hack computer systems like black hat hackers.
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Welcome to Learn Ethical Hacking / Pen testing & Bug Bounty Hunting A:Z

This Ethical Hacking tutorial provides basic and advanced concepts of Ethical Hacking. Our Ethical Hacking tutorial is developed for beginners and professionals.
Ethical hacking tutorial covers all the aspects associated with hacking. Firstly, we will learn how to install the needed software. After this, we will learn the 4 type of penetration testing section which is network hacking, gaining access, post exploitation, website hacking.
In network hacking section, we will learn how networks work, how to crack Wi-Fi keys and gain access the Wi-Fi networks. In Gaining access section, we will learn how to gain access to the servers and personal computers. In the post-exploitation section, we will learn what can we do with the access that we gained in the previous section. So we learn how to interact with the file system, how to execute a system command, how to open the webcam. In the website hacking section, we will learn how the website works, how to gather comprehensive information about website. In the end, we will learn how to secure our system from the discussed attacks.

The course is divided into four main sections so let’s see what we are going to learn:
Network Penetration Testing
Network penetration testing is the first penetration testing that we are going to cover in this section. Most of the systems and computers are connected to a network. If a device is connected to the internet, that means the device is connected to the network because the internet is a really big network. Therefore, we need to know that how devices interact with each other in a network, as well as how networks works.
Gaining access
Gaining access attack is the second part of the network penetration testing. In this section, we will connect to the network. This will allow us to launch more powerful attacks and get more accurate information. If a network doesn’t use encryption, we can just connect to it and sniff out unencrypted data. If a network is wired, we can use a cable and connect to it, perhaps through changing our MAC address. The only problem is when the target use encryption like WEP, WPA, WPA2. If we do encounter encrypted data, we need to know the key to decrypt it, that’s the main purpose of this section.
Post-Connection Attacks
All the attacks that we performed in the pre-connection and gaining access section, we weren’t connected to a network. In this section, we are going to be talking about post-connection attack that means the attacks that we can do after connecting to the network. Now, it doesn’t matter that the network is a wireless or a wired network and it doesn’t matter that the target was using the WEP or WPA key, we can launch all of the attacks that we’re going to talk about in this section.

Website / Web Application Hacking
In this section you will learn how websites work, how to gather information about a target website (such as website owner, server location, used technologies ….etc) and how to discover and exploit the  dangerous vulnerabilities to hack into websites.
Who this course is for:
•Anyone interested in learning ethical hacking
•Anyone interested in  how hackers hack computer systems
•Anyone interested in  how to secure systems from hackers

•This course is created for educational purposes only, all the attacks are launched in my own lab or against systems that I have permission to test.

You will learn

✓ 95+ ethical hacking &security video lectures.
✓ Start from 0 to become pro hacker.
✓ Learn ethical hacking & the different types of hackers.
✓ Learn to install a hacking lab & needed softwares.
✓ Learn kali linux commands and basics of using terminal.
✓ Basic to adnvance Ethical hacking.
✓ Hack and secure server and client operating system.
✓ Create undetecable backdoors.
✓ Learn to secure and protect any network from hackers and loss of data.
✓ step by step instructions for instalation of virtual boc and creating your virtual environment.
✓ Learn basics of website and its technology.
✓ what is websitre and its components.
✓ Gathering information about website like black hat hackers do.
✓ learn to crack wifi password of any security level WEP,WPA,WPA2.
✓ World class tools for gatting best results.
✓ All the attacks are performed live.


• Internet Connection & Computer (minimum 4gb RAM or more).
• Basic computer skill.
• Wireless networking card.

This course is for

• ethical hacker
• cyber security
• penetration testing
• network penetration testing
• python developer
• programmer
• coder
• data science
• web developer
• port programmer
• computer network
• hacker
• computer fundamentals
• it skill
• computer skill
• network hacking
Cyber Secuity Enthusiast , Pen Tester and Full Time Learner
Hi everyone ! We are ciech defence . We are Engineer, ethical hackerand you might also call us a programmer.
We have been trained & Guide thousands of student to make there career in cyber security.
We love to read and study.I have always leaned towards cyber security and hacking.

So Lets Start With This Famous Quote of ‘Emmanuel Goldstein’
“Most hackers are young because young people tend to be adaptable. As long as you remain adaptable, you can always be a good hacker.”
Emmanuel Goldstein
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 5h 46m
Language: English
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