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Learn Dutch… in Dutch 2: the Dutch language for beginners

Immerse yourself step by step into Dutch: translate and speak Dutch, learn Flemish pronunciation with an online course
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 5h 5m
Language: English
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Ready to learn Dutch online? A language course for enthusiasts!
•Do you like Dutch? 
•Do you already know about 100-150 words?
•Do you like a challenge? 
•Do you prefer learning languages online outside of a class?
Great! You’re about to learn the Dutch language… completely in Dutch!
A course for beginners, but not for absolute beginners
The course doesn’t start from 0, feel free to check my first course ‘Dutch in Dutch 1’ on Udemy. You do need to understand about 100-150 words, even if many topics and words will be repeated.
What are you minutes away from learning?
Over 300 words, including the 100 most used words in Dutch, and how to use them in conversations. The course has over 5 hours of video to help you go beyond the absolute beginners level, so you’ll be at the beginning of level A2 after following this course. The past tense will be introduced near the end.
How are you going to learn?
The course is completely in Dutch to guarantee total immersion and uses story-based telling and audiovisual materials to improve your comprehension skills. So no extensive grammar lessons. There are over 50 downloadable audio files to support you in your journey, wherever and whenever you want. Each lesson has a quiz to test your skills.
The Belgian accent, called Flemish, is used. This accent is understood in the Netherlands.
I guarantee:
•Full, free lifetime access
•All future extra lectures and upgrades are always included for free
•Unconditional Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee
•Native Dutch teacher
Ready to learn Dutch online?
Happy learning,

You will learn

✓ Learn Dutch with total immersion
✓ Dutch for beginners, but not absolute beginners
✓ A practical approach with many exercises
✓ The 100 most used words in Dutch
✓ Downloadable MP3s to increase exposure to Dutch
✓ Real-life dialogues
✓ prepositions of time and place
✓ The future tense and an introduction to the past
✓ Asking for directions
✓ Talk about phones and over the phone
✓ Discuss their career
✓ Learn about time, like days of the week, months, adverbs like always…
✓ Order a drink in the café
✓ The possessive
✓ Hobby’s
✓ Vocabulary related to taking classes
✓ The home


• Knowledge of basic Dutch (about 150-200 words)
• The course picks up where we left on the previous course ‘Learn Dutch in Dutch’

This course is for

• Students beginning to learn Dutch with a basic level (A1-2)
Hi! I’m Alain.
Curiously, when I was a teenager, many language teachers told me I wasn’t so good at languages. My Dutch was poor. My English teacher even advised me to follow extra courses.
I discovered I loved languages when I went to Germany in 2010. I had some basic German skills but started to speak in German from day one. What I got in return was amazing: friendship, love, respect and a good level of German. Since then, I’m passionate about languages.
Now I’m proud to be able to express myself in French, Dutch, English, German, Maltese and Spanish. I also have some Portuguese notions. And I’m always busy learning new languages and taught some of my languages via tutoring.
I also have a life besides languages. I love economics, politics and all the processes that shape our society. I worked in communications a few years and hold 3 degrees: in Journalism, EU Studies and Management.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 5h 5m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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