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Learn Calculus I: Beginner to Advanced Quickly

Master the foundamentals of Calculus and Precalculus Quick & Easy!
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This is course number 1 in a collection of calculus courses designed to take you from beginner to solve calculus problems easily.
Is “Learn Calculus I: Beginner to Advanced Quickly” Worth Investing Your Time and Money?
By the end of this course you will be able to confidently talk about functions, its domain and range. You will also be able to identify the different types of functions, sketch the graph of them starting from a common functions graph, and take the derivative of all kind of functions. I have been teaching calculus online for over 5  years and I absoluteli love it. Because of my expirience, I know the most common problems students have learning some calculus concepts. That’s why this course is designed to GIVE YOU THE CONCEPTS AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE, walk together through step by step examples and test your understanding with quizes ,in order to check you fully get these complicated topics.
This Course is Organized into 5 Sections:
•Section 1: Foundamentals of functions•Section 2: Types of  functions•Section 3: Sketching the graph of a function•Section 4: Piecewise, inverse and composition of functions•Section 5: Derivative rules
Thank you for checking out the course description and if you want to learn the foundamentals of calculus quick and easy I highly encourage you to enroll in this course right now.

Have a great day!
Gab 🙂

You will learn

✓ Talk confidently about function concepts
✓ Identify the different types of functions, its domains and graphs
✓ Transform graphs starting from a common function
✓ Find the derivative of any kind of functions


• Basic concepts in algebra, if not is your strong point don’t worry
• Some experience with math operations

This course is for

• Students looking for a quick & easy calculus course
• People who want to take a refresh on function basics
• Students preparing a functions test
Math Tutor and Engineer
Hey!! I’m Gabriel, the creator of E-Resources. I’m an engineer that has been tutoring calculus for about 5 years and I have noted calculus can be difficult for some people, that’s why I try to explain it as simple as possible in order to make it easier for the students. See you in the courses :)
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 59m
Language: English
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