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Learn Business Strategy Planning For Competitive Advantage

How to develop a successful business strategy - analysis, planning, business fundamentals & strategy implementation
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Table of contents


“A wonderful course on a practical approach to strategy specifically focused on execution. You learn a lot of practical tips based on years of experience on strategy development and execution.” – Robert H.
“I really enjoyed the course. Wish it was longer!!!! The delivery was great. The content is educational. I really learned a lot as I’ve been working on learning about the development of data strategies this course on strategy was a welcome surprise. Been through a few courses and books on strategy and none come close. Thank you” – Thabiso M.
“James, you really know what strategy is, and what work you have to do, to do it.” – Michael Utvich (Automotive Industry Strategy Consultant)
“Your process has been quite amazing. And as everybody has said, your approach and your tools have actually assisted us to arrive at this point in time so quickly.” – Tina E (Group Managing Director)
“I came away from it with a much clearer vision, new feasible and achievable objectives and in particular what was on the hearts of my staff in these most difficult of times.” – Louis Fourie (OHS Consultancy)
“I found this exceptionally valuable.” – Gerhard S (Group Executive)
What is the value of an actionable strategic plan, effectively executed? What percentage increase in revenue/market share/EBITDA do you want to achieve over 3 years? What value would you attach to a method, training and tools that enabled you to achieve this?
In this online course learn about what strategic thinking really is and how you should approach strategic initiatives in your organisation. Dr Roberston draws on his economics, engineering and military experience to present a very structured and systematic strategic mindset.
Learn and apply the concepts that will help you quickly and accurately analyze your strategic environment. Learn how to approach the development of a detailed, prioritized strategic action plan that will guide your organization in delivering the value you know is there.
In this course you will get:
•Lessons about strategy in a micro-learning format; each lesson presents 3-5 executive learning outcomes that you can immediately apply and take advantage of in your business
•A systematic and structured approach to the development of strategic plans; a no-nonsense direct message that cuts through the hype of strategic consulting
•An overview of the strategic planning process; the tools and method, governance, focus questions, strategic map, how to approach brainstorming, synthesis of critical factors and the right mindset for converting critical factors into an implementation plan
•A full understanding of what strategy is, what it is not and how it actually drives business success
•Case studies that help you understand the essence of strategic thinking so that you have practical reference points for the concepts and definitions that are taught in this course
•Brutal and honest truths about the strategic consulting industry and the actual state of success of strategic initiatives in most organisations
Enrol today and learn the essence of true strategy for fundamental and long lasting transformational change in your organisation. Take advantage of Dr James Roberston’s decades of experience and straight talking teaching.

You will learn

✓ Definition of strategy, the fundamental essence of why and how an organisation thrives
✓ Strategy is not a forecast or an objective, you need a strategic plan for the trajectory of change
✓ The Gillette Case Study From “Good To Great” illustrates the exponential growth curve
✓ An engineering approach to strategy and how engineers don’t design a bridge to stand up, they design it not to fall down
✓ Meticulous design and attention to detail with high professional standards and legal accountability for executives
✓ The value of technology is determined by the person using it, such as a stethoscope or machine gun
✓ 90% of strategic plans fail to deliver, 70% of business process investments fail to deliver
✓ The critical factors causing strategy implementation success and failure
✓ Three alternative system value scenarios unlocking the true potential of technology investment
✓ Strategic engineered precision configuration with clever customisation achieved competitive advantage at Dior
✓ The importance of CEO executive custody, top down transformational leadership and how to achieve it
✓ Determining the essence of the business and how it thrives through question based analysis
✓ The core objective of strategy implementation is to create competitive advantage through differentiation
✓ How global differentiators have changed in the last six decades
✓ Critical differentiators; management of human resource, market focus, strategic capability
✓ Essential business knowledge; economic drivers, core customer, market and users, core technologies and systems
✓ The beneficial business impact; what should a solution deliver; problems, design and outcomes
✓ Requirements for a successful strategic analysis and design outcome
✓ How to go about developing a robust strategic design; gap analysis, action plan and continuous improvement
✓ Examples of strategic and essence orientated focus questions
✓ Analysis of the strategic environment; envisioning a future state and how to get there
✓ Introduction to the toolset and method for strategic planning method; StratSnap, StratGap, StratAction
✓ Weight determination, scoring, gap analysis and the development of the strategic programme implementation plan
✓ Development of critical competencies and the management and measurement of strategically aligned Key Performance Metrics


• Knowledge and understanding of the organisational requirement for strategic success

This course is for

• Business people involved in analysing and developing strategy
• Anyone who is looking for a structured and systematic approach to successful strategic thinking
• Executives and leaders who need to create a clear path to competitive advantage for their organisation

How much does the Learn Business Strategy Planning For Competitive Advantage course cost? Is it worth it?

The course costs $12.99. And currently there is a 85% discount on the original price of the course, which was $84.99. So you save $72 if you enroll the course now.

Does the Learn Business Strategy Planning For Competitive Advantage course have a money back guarantee or refund policy?

YES, Learn Business Strategy Planning For Competitive Advantage has a 30-day money back guarantee. The 30-day refund policy is designed to allow students to study without risk.

Are there any SCHOLARSHIPS for this course?

Currently we could not find a scholarship for the Learn Business Strategy Planning For Competitive Advantage course, but there is a $72 discount from the original price ($84.99). So the current price is just $12.99.

Who is the instructor? Is Peter Alkema a SCAM or a TRUSTED instructor?

Peter Alkema has created 58 courses that got 9,701 reviews which are generally positive. Peter Alkema has taught 62,423 students and received a 4.4 average review out of 9,701 reviews. Depending on the information available, Peter Alkema is a TRUSTED instructor.
Business | Academics | Self Development
In my courses you learn practical skills: “I feel like I am in a real classroom.” – Kira Minehart

“What an amazing course! After finishing this course, I have confidence. Thank so much Dr Peter Alkema”. Or Tulongeni Shilunga: “This is exactly the jump-start I needed. Very clear and concise”

I also help lead digital transformation at FirstRand, the biggest financial services group in Africa. I’ve been featured on CNBC Africa and won the Gartner CIO Of The Year in 2016. I founded and led the largest banking hackathon in South Africa which was published in 2019 as a case study by Harvard Business School.

I’ve taught over 17,000 students about business, academics and self-development. In 2020 I completed my PhD at Wits University In Johannesburg. The study introduced a ground-breaking theory of Agile software development teams. My woodworking book was published in 2014 and has sold over 10,000 copies.

Olugbenga Gbadegesin: “Excellent delivery” / Lebogang Tswelapele: “This is what I have been longing for” / Paskalia Ndapandula: “Peter speaks with so much clarity” / Amantle Mangwedi: “It was straight to the point and the sections are cut into nice short segments which made it easier to go through” Kathy Bermudez: “Excellent material. Well organized…”

Werner van Wyk: “Thank you Peter, once again your lesson and course have given me so much knowledge and understanding” / Yvonne Rudolph “I really look forward to take everything i learned in action” / Josephine Mahlangu: “exactly what I needed to know, absolutely valuable and helpful for my personal growth”

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CourseMarks Score®







Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 27m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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