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ArcGIS For Beginners (3 Module/Complete Edition)

Learn ArcGIS From the ZERO
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This course will qualify students in ArcGIS Desktop 10.8 and in particular in “ArcMap, ArcCatalog and ArcTool Box.” The training material will be focused on vector and raster data models, how to handle them and store them in a geodatabase, their relationship within a geodatabase and on how to develop final cartographic products and maps.

Students will be trained in the creation and editing of vector and raster data, in the usage of basic greoprocessing tools available in ArcGIS 10.8, in the management of a geodatabase, also providing valuable information in the development of high-quality mapping products.

By taking this course, you will learn:
· How to use ArcGIS Desktop (Arcmap and ArcCatalog)
· Creating ArcGIS datas (shape files,geodatabase…)
· Projection Systems and GIS informations.
· How to create maps by using spatial datas.
· How to make SQL ınquires
· How to make georeferencing
· How to digitize raster datas.
· How to create feature classes for geoDatabase system.
· How to create your geographic information system in arccatalog.
· How to make Basic and Advanced Editing your spatial datas.
· How to create thematic maps/choropleth/dot maps.
· Representing map for printing
· Extra quiz questions
· Rich contents and Bonus Practices

This course aims:
· Highlight the importance and utility of a Geographic Information System (GIS), its integration and applicability in a variety of professional sectors
· General overview about the essential GIS concepts and about al the basic skills needed in handling ArcGIS 10.8
· Learn about GIS key tools usage of vector and raster data informations.
· Gain experience in data preparation, layout development, map creation and delivery.

You will learn

✓ Have main informations about Geographic Information Systems, how to use ArcGIS Interfaces (Arcmap,Arccatalog)
✓ How to use with arccatalog interface, how to create your own geodatabasefeature classes,shape files,layers and how to export your datas
✓ How to work with raster and vector datas, how to define a projection system.
✓ How to define projection systems and how to create your thematic maps (by using attribute datas) , learn to add basemaps from map
✓ Learn about database logic,how to create a database in ArcGIS and how to make basic and hard SQL queries based attribute data and location,
✓ How to manage ArcGIS datas,How to convert your datas to ArcGIS datas.
✓ Learn how to use Arcmap Editor tools and how to use advanced editing toolbar to edit spatial datas.
✓ How to georeference raster datas and how to digitize your scanned maps,how to create your featureclass after digitized maps
✓ How to present spatial data as output (Exporting map),How to represent your map in layout, How to instert your map keys (Title,Northarrow,Scale Bar,Legend…)
✓ How to create spatial datasets labels, to convert the labels to annotations and how to edit your annotations
✓ Symbolising features


• ArcGIS 10.8 Trial Version
• Repeat to watch tutorial videos and do practice much with tutorial data , read the arcticle as given to you.
• Do your extra bonus practicing tasks. Do practice as quick as you can.
• Do your practice work until next section. Dont forget to solve quiz questions. End of the course, do your practicing tasks…
• Trust yourself everytime!We will achieve together :))
• If you have a question, please ask to me.

This course is for

• Students of GIS, Urban Planners,Surveying Engineers,Managers and the people who wants to learn and improve ability how to use ArcGIS software
• Lectures will be realy easy to understand and they will useful for who wants to have ArcGIS knowledge in work career life or term projects.
GIS Expert/Geomatic Engineer/GIS Courses Instructor

My name is İbrahim. Im 32 years old. Im from TURKEY. My proffession is Surveying Engineering. I was graduated from Technical University in 2011. I completed my master education about Geographic Information Systems. After  graduation, i worked in private sector as Geomatic Engineer. I have 7 years of experience in private sector about mapping.(Land Surveying, Cadastral maps,GIS programs…) And 7 years has passed, still  have been working as GIS expert in private sector.
Im interested with GIS Softwares, Im here to share my knowledge about GIS to everyone.Check my other courses, im sure that you will like it ;)
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 12h 18m
Language: English
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