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Learn ANKI – Boost Your Learning 10X and Reach Your Goals

LEARN How to Use ANKI: With App Choice of MEMORY CHAMPIONS and Best Learning Methods, - SMASH the EXAMS
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IN THIS COURSE YOU WILL LEARN  HOW TO USE ANKI AND BOOST YOUR LEARNING 10X ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Anki is one of the GREATEST SPACED REPETITION SOFTWARE in the internet that you can use to boost your learning. And more than that Anki is a COMPLETELY FREE and OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE

In this course we will learn together;

•What is Anki?
•Why should we choose Anki?
•Introduction to learning systems like active learning and spaced repetition
•What is Mnemonic technique
•What is Active recall
•What is Spaced repetition
•What is active learning
•Why active learning is more effective than passive learning
•What is testing effect
•What is forgetting curve
•How can we apply active recall technique while we are studying
•Development of Spaced Repetition
•Effect of Spaced Repetition on learning
•Visiting Ankiweb website
•Downloading Anki Setup File
•Installing it to your computer

Section 2: BASICS of ANKI
•General overview of Anki Interface
•How to naviagate from Anki Main Menu
•How to use Anki statistics and sync options
•Cards as the most basic element of Anki
•What is the difference between note and card
•Answering options of cards
•What is deck and subdeck
•How to create deck and subdeck
•How to name and rename decks
•What is a shared deck
•What is the difference of shared decks from other decks
•Is it efficient using shared deck when we are learning something
•How can we download shared decks anyone has already created
•What is study overview screen in Anki?
•How can we navigate from study overview screen?
•What are the properties of new, learning and review cards?
•How can cards level up when we study them?
•How should create our own questions?
•How to use active recall when we try to answer questions
•Ideal max time to give and see the answer of a question
•How to score our recall
•How learning process works in Anki
•When to use again, good and easy buttons
•What happens when we use again, good and easy buttons
•How to use review cards
•How to use again, hard, good and easy buttons
•What card scheduling means to use
•What the numbers above show answer button indicate
•What options editing and more button includes
•How to use editing and more button
•How to flag cards in anki
•How to mark cards in anki
•How to bury cards in anki
•How to suspend card and notes in anki
•How decks are ordered
•In what order new, learning and review cards are fetched
•How to change deck options
•How to change times between every display of new , learning and review cards
•What sibling means in Anki
•What is burying in Anki
•What are keybord shortcuts
•How to discover keybord shortcuts in Anki
•Faster answering ways to questions

•What is the difference between cards and note in ANKI
•How to add cards and notes in Anki
•How to prevent adding duplicate cards
•Important rules when creating and adding your cards
•How to use fields in Anki
•How to make reposition on fields in Anki
•How to change fonts for fields in Anki
•How to use card templates in Anki?
•How to make reposition for fields in Anki?
•What is front and back template
•How to make basic replacement
•What is a note type in Anki
•How  can you add a note type
•Why you should know how to use note types
•What is cloze deletion in ANKI?
•How to make “fill in the blank questions” in Anki?
•How to customize cloze deletion questions
•How to make hint via using cloze deletion
•What is image occlusion?
•How install an add-on to Anki?
•How to make fill in the blank questions in Anki?
•Why should we use image occlusion for better learning?
•How to answer by typing instead of just seeing the answer
•What is the code to add typing feature to cards in Anki
•How to insert a hint field for a question
•Important rules for us before adding hints to every single question

Section 4: EDITING and STYLING
•How to switch card order (front to back, back to front)
•How to use your vocabulary cards in both sides
•How to style cards in Anki
•How to change font type, size and color in Anki
•How to change background color in Anki
•How to align your questions to left or right
•How to use decks appropriately
•Why you shouldn’t create so many subdecks intertwined
•What are the best methods for using decks
•How to insert a new line
•Adding codes to my templates
•How to convert to text to speech
•How to use text to speech feature for English words
•What code should I use to get text to speech feature
•How to reverse a card
•Easy methods to use both sides of any card
•How to use browse interface in Anki
•How to filter all my cards using filter feature in Browse screen
•How to reach any note that I create before in Browse screen
•Using preview button for checking cards
•How to create custom study decks to study any exam
•How to create filter decks to study any exam
•What is home deck

You will learn

✓ #1 ACCELERATED Learning and Spaced Repetition Free Softwere (ANKI) That Many High Achievers Used
✓ How to install ANKI to your desktop
✓ How to Navigate on Anki’s User Interface
✓ How to use cards and decks appropriately
✓ What is spaced repetition and why should we use it while we are learning
✓ What is Forgetting Curve
✓ What is “Use it or Lose it” policy and how does it work
✓ What is Active Recall and why should we choose active studying instead of passive studying
✓ What is Testing Effect
✓ How to be able to remember thousands of materials easily with ANKI
✓ What is Mnemonic technique
✓ What are keybord shortcuts in Anki
✓ Faster answering ways to questions
✓ What are advanced settings for Anki


• An open mind for learning.
• A commitment to use Anki
• There’s nothing to buy or pay for – everything is included for free!

This course is for

• People who wants to be expert on Anki
• All students who want to get higher scores in exams
• People who want to learn better learning methods
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