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Learn Anatomy the easy way: Anatomy Fitness 101 !

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Table of contents



Anatomy Fitness 101 is designed to support and educate fitness instructors, personal trainers, and fitness enthusiasts looking to take their knowledge to the next level in any and all fitness methods.

Created by Fitness Expert (Aussie in LA) Sharnee Lee Scott, the course contains the content you’ll expect to find in a 300 page anatomy textbook condensed into a user- friendly 20-page PDF and video format. It’s an easy to understand, game-changing teaching tool and go-to-guide that will help you excel in your next class or training session.

You’ll finish AF101 with more confidence as fitness teacher, which increases trust, rapport and solid working relationships to better flourish with valued clients.

Anatomy Fitness 101
* Easy-to-understand
* Game-changing guide & teaching tool
* EXCEL in your classes & training sessions

Standing Out Amongst the Crowd – Starts Here!

Part I – AF101
Anatomical Terms
1. Musculoskeletal System
2. Muscle Functions
3. Planes of Movement

Part II – AF101
Terms Describing Movement
1. Flexion, Extension, Abduction..
2. Levers + Muscle Terms (Atrophy)
Primer Mover Tables!!!
1. Spine
2. Hip
3. Knee
4. Ankle
5. Shoulder
6. Scapula

Part III – AF101
Pelvis & Spine
1. Core & Breathing
2. Shoulder & Scapulae
3. Posture 101
4. Structure of Skeletal Muscle

Trusted Educator #SharneeLeeScott – A trusted educator/ certifier to thousands of fitness trainers across USA and worldwide. Sharnee creates concepts to enable the learning process to be easy to understand which eliminates the frustrations in learning difficult yet interesting concepts and enabling you to feel accomplished!

You will learn

✓ Pg 1-2 Anatomy Terms & Concepts: – Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics etc, – Anatomical Position, Origin, Insertion etc.
✓ Pg 3-4 The Skeletal System: – Bones, Joints, Ligaments, Cartilage etc, – Axial & Appendicular, Types of Joints..
✓ Pg 5-6 The Muscular System: Muscle Contractions, Major Muscles of the Body..
✓ Pg 7 Muscle Roles & Functional Characteristics: – Contractibility, Elasticity, Extensibility etc, – Agonist, Antagonist, Synergist..
✓ Pg 8 Planes of Movement + Open & Closed Chain Movement: – Coronal, Transverse, Sagittal, – Open & Closed Chain..
✓ Pg 9-11 Terms Describing Movement: – Flexion, Extension, Abduction etc.. – Levers + Muscle Terms (Atrophy etc)..
✓ Pg 12-13 Prime Mover Muscle Table: – Spine, Hipe, Knee, Shoulder, Scapula etc..
✓ Pg 13-14 The Pelvic Girdle & Spinal Column: – Understanding the Bones & Segments, – Anterior, Posterior & Neutral Pelvis, – Neutral Spine & Core, – Pelvic Floor
✓ Pg 16-17 The Shoulder Girdle & Scapulae: – Shoulder Girdle & Shoulder Stability, Scapulohumeral Rhythm, Relationship of Shoulder & Scapulae, Fitness Components
✓ Pg 18 Posture 101: – Ideal, Kyphosis-Lordosis, Sway-Back.. – Tight & weak Muscles Causing Deviations, Body Types (Endomorph/ Mesomorph/ Endomorph)
✓ Pg 19-20 Structure of Skeletal Muscle: – Definitions (Voluntary, Involuntary etc), – Muscle Fibres (Fast, Slow etc), – Muscle Tissue (Skeletal, Cardiac, Smooth)
✓ Learn Human Anatomy the easy way via a simple 20 page PDF & video with color coding, tables, understandable concepts & examples applying to any fitness style.
✓ Understand muscles, bones, connective tissue and attachments. Gain a love for human anatomy by easily understanding complicated concepts – easy fun learning!
✓ Learn about the core, the diaphragm, breathing, stability & movement. Rid yourself of common misconceptions in fitness, stand out amongst the crowd!
✓ Grasp ideal posture and the why behind deviations of ideal posture and how to correct it through strength & stretch!


• None

This course is for

• Fitness Trainers or enthusiasts looking for the best way to learn anatomy from the ground up!

How much does the Learn Anatomy the easy way: Anatomy Fitness 101 ! course cost? Is it worth it?

The course costs $199.99.

Does the Learn Anatomy the easy way: Anatomy Fitness 101 ! course have a money back guarantee or refund policy?

YES, Learn Anatomy the easy way: Anatomy Fitness 101 ! has a 30-day money back guarantee. The 30-day refund policy is designed to allow students to study without risk.

Are there any SCHOLARSHIPS for this course?

At the moment we could not find an available scholarship for Learn Anatomy the easy way: Anatomy Fitness 101 !.

Who is the instructor? Is Sharnee Lee Scott a SCAM or a TRUSTED instructor?

Sharnee Lee Scott has created 1 courses that got — reviews which are generally positive. Sharnee Lee Scott has taught — students and received a — average review out of — reviews. Depending on the information available, Sharnee Lee Scott is a TRUSTED instructor.
Pilates & Lagree Master Trainer + ACE Education Author
Sharnee Lee Scott

– Lagree Fitness Senior Master Trainer
Aussie – relocated to USA has lead 150 Certs in 2019-2022 (USA, International and Virtual).
– Pilates Certs / Experience 10+yrs:
Foundations, Matwork, Reformer, Wunda Chair, Physio Pre/Rehab, Pre/Post Natal.
– Advanced Level 2 Lagree course creator:
Time Effective Teaching
– Course creator / ACE accredited 0.6 CECs
Anatomy Fitness 101
– Lagree Apparatus Trainer 8yrs (Oz + USA):
Proformer, Megaformer, Mega, MegaRamp,  Supraformer, Evo, Microformer, Mini Pro
– Dance Disciplines 30+yrs
Ballet – Royal Academy Of Dance, Jazz, Lyrical.
– Aqua/Beach, Surf/Skate experience:
Surfing, Swimming, Rollerskating 30yrs. Beachside Cafe Owner/Operator 5yrs.
– Music/Audio Certs / Experience:
Cert III Audio Engineering. Studio Manager of Largest Recording/Mixing Studio in Sth Hemisphere 10yrs. Singing, Songwriting, Guitar-Playing, Releases, Tours 25+yrs (including 6 EPs, 1 album + French Polynesian Fest/Tour).
– Kickboxing & boxing:
Spar coursework, online Badass boxing.
– Combination classes & choreography:
MegaStretch, MegaBarre, BootyBarre, MegaTRX.
– Fitness Certs:
Cert III Fitness Oz, ACE Group Fitness + Personal Trainer (USA), CPR & First Aid.
– Online Fitness Trainer 2020:
SharneeSmilingAssassin, Assassimat, BadassBoxing, CoreConditioning, DirtyDancing LagreeMasterMicro
– Online Fitness Trainer 2022:
Lagree on demand


CourseMarks Score®







Platform: Udemy
Video: 46m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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