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Learn 500 Basic Chinese Vocabulary FAST! New HSK 1(HSK 3.0)

Build a solid foundation of Chinese language with videos, audios & color-coded flashcards
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Your foundation of Mandarin Chinese would have been laid well and your Chinese listening & reading skills will be improved rapidly with videos, audios &  color-coded flashcards!
There are 500 basic Chinese vocabulary words at level 1 in the new HSK 3.0 which is almost equivalent to level 3 in the old HSK 2.0.
How can you learn and memorize that many words effectively and fast?
The answer is – study with this course! There are 10 word lists in this course and each word list has 50 words and sample phrases or sentences. You can finish the whole course in 10 days.
After finishing your purchase, please send an email to wuyihong16@gmail.com to sign up for TWO LIVE GROUP LESSONS FOR FREE.
How to make the most of this course?
Step 1. Download the PDF of the flashcards(Front and back in 2 files) and print them with A4 paper.
Step 2. Cut each piece of A4 paper into 8 flashcards with a paper trimmer or a pair of scissors.
Step 3. Watch a video lesson first.
Step 4. Read the back of the flashcards with characters, pinyin and English translation while you are listening to the audio.
Step 5. Learn the vocabulary with the back of your flashcards and quiz yourself with the front randomly whenever you are free.

You will learn

✓ 500 basic Chinese words and sample phrases/sentences
✓ All the New HSK 1 Vocabulary (HSK 3.0) almost equivalent to HSK 3 in the old HSK (HSK 2.0)
✓ Must-know basic Chinese expressions, descriptions, statements and questions
✓ Recognizing 1000+ basic Chinese characters
✓ Improving your basic Chinese listening & reading FAST


• No Chinese learning experience needed but you’d better have learned Chinese pinyin pronunciation

This course is for

• Total beginners or those with very little knowledge of Mandarin Chinese
• Those who want to rapidly build a solid foundation of Chinese language
• Anyone who wants to learn & memorize Chinese vocabulary effectively and FAST
• Those who plan to take the new HSK 1 exam
Professional Mandarin Teaching for 10+ years
Hi there, we are Andy & Sarah, both majored in teaching Chinese as a second language and have been teaching Mandarin for 10+ years.
We co-founded a Chinese school in mainland China in 2013 and had to close it due to covid-19 in 2020. As two headteachers, we both have over 20k-hour Chinese teaching experience and are passionate about exploring new methodologies to make learning Chinese an easy and enjoyable experience.
With our unique Chinese learning tips and tricks, thousands of our students have learned Mandarin effectively & fast and passed HSK exams at all levels in months or even weeks instead of years.
We have been creating and sharing videos to help people all over the world to learn Chinese for free on our YouTube channel “ASK ANDY”. And we are here to create and share our online Chinese courses to help you learn Mandarin systematically and more efficiently. Search “Ask Andy” on YouTube to get DISCOUNTS for our Udemy courses.
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We are so glad you have found us here!
And you will find it easy & fun to learn Chinese with A&S Mandarin.
Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 56m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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