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Leadership Presence 30 Day Challenge

Build Your Leadership Brand, Presence & Reputation. Outfit & Body Language, Written & Verbal Communication, Mindset.
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Building your leadership presence and reputation doesn’t happen automatically. You need to take control of your image, brand and mindset to help others see you as a leadership material. 
How do you do this? Where do you start? There are a number of areas you can focus on and this course will introduce you to those areas: 
•Your outfit needs to send the message that you’re a leader. 
•Your body language needs to be confident and powerful. 
•Your communication needs to be clear and confident. 
•Your writing skill needs to be polished. 
•Your mindset needs to help you think and make decisions like a leader. 
The Leadership Presence 30 Day Challenge is a fast, easy and effective video course that will give you an introduction into developing your leadership reputation and brand. 
The first part of this course focuses on your external leadership presence and you’ll learn how to create a leadership outfit and use powerful body language. This is extremely important for building a solid personal brand.
The second part of this course focuses on your communication and you’ll learn verbal and written communication hacks that will help you strengthen your leadership brand. In this section, I’ve included multiple comprehensive pdf workbooks that focus on your business e-mail and letter writing skill.
The last part of this course focuses on your internal leadership qualities, or your leadership mindset. You’ll learn how to connect with decision-makers, use visualisation and create your own leadership opportunities.
By the end of this course, you will be more aware of what you need to do to grow your leadership presence and have an amazing career! You will have a clearer direction of where you need to go to continue building your leadership reputation.  
This course is designed to be completed in 30 days. Every day for 30 days, you will watch one short video (2-3 minutes long) that shares an important insight or tip on building your leadership presence. Each video is accompanied by a worksheet, allowing you to put into practice what you have learned.
This course is a taste of what I teach my in-person clients. As a leadership coach, I’ve been working with professionals for the past ten years all around the world helping them build presence, power and connections in business. When it comes to leadership, this an area I am very passionate about. I run the Leadership Presence Masterclass all over Australia which has received many positive reviews.
I am a two-time Bestselling Udemy Instructor. And my advice has been featured in Business Insider, TIME Inc., YFS Magazine, Leaders in Heels and more.
The biggest insight I have learned that I share with all of my clients is this: Nobody is born a leader. Leadership is a skill that must be learned, developed and refined over time. However many students don’t know where to start. This course will help you with that.
My goal for this course is to give you direction so you know where to start and what is important to focus on for your leadership presence. I will also give you valuable insights and tips to help you get started building a strong leadership reputation. 
Once you’ve finished this course, your work should continue. With what you have learned, you should commit to continually learn, improve and grow your leadership reputation. 
Building leadership presence takes time. It’s really a lifelong commitment. This course will help you identify what’s important so you know where to start.

Here’s what other students say about this course:
“The course is simple and great, and states everything needed about Leadership Presence skills, and discuss examples from our everyday life, and what options do we have to deal with them.” – Marco
“It’s very good course with specific minute details leaders must conscious of.” – Sanjeev

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You will learn

✓ Introduction into building your leadership presence and reputation.
✓ Ideas to create a leadership outfit.
✓ Body language gestures to convey more authority.
✓ Tips to communicate clearly and confidently.
✓ Written communication tips to polish your writing skill.
✓ Tips to position yourself as a leader on LinkedIn.


• You must have a desire to be a leader.
• A couple of minutes every day to watch the videos.

This course is for

• Entry to mid-level professionals who aspire to a leadership or senior level position.
• Growing entrepreneurs who want to establish a leadership reputation with their clients.
• Employees who feel overlooked or undervalued and want to change the perception others have of them.
• You will NOT like this course if you are looking for in-depth leadership training. This course is a basic overview so you know where to start.
Leadership & Soft Skills for Emerging Leaders
Kara Ronin is the founder of Executive Impressions and the creator of two BESTSELLING Udemy courses, Business Etiquette 101: Social Skills for Success, and Assertive Communication Skills Masterclass.
Her goal is to help emerging leaders build visibility and influence in their company and industry so they can unlock their leadership potential.
► She has written for TIME, Business Insider, The Local France, YFS Magazine among others, and has been quoted in The West Australian, The Advertiser, Business Insider and Ignites Europe.
► Her speaking engagements have included talks at Geneva Business School, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, and other associations and groups.
► In 2020, Kara launched The Leadership Pod podcast for emerging leaders. It’s available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Audible, Google Podcasts and other platforms.
► Visit Kara’s YouTube Channel where she publishes FREE videos to help you build your personal brand as a leader, increase your visibility and amplify you influence at work.
Since 2012 Kara has run her business, Executive Impressions, in France and then Australia. As a leadership coach, she has worked with professionals globally from countries such as Australia, the US, South Africa, Hong Kong, Dubai and more. She has run in-depth coaching programs, in-person workshops as well as online courses. The focus of all of Kara’s work is to help professionals improve their presence, communication and influence to excel their career progression.
Prior to starting Executive Impressions, Kara spent over 10 years living an international life in Japan, the USA, and Europe. Over time, she learned Japanese as well as French. Her career experience includes working as a corporate tax consultant for Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu in Tokyo, a trading assistant for Sumitomo in Australia, and an English teacher in Japan.
She has a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing and International Business, a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Japanese, and a Master of Accounting degree.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 13m
Language: English
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