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Launch Your Startup Entrepreneur Business

Getting Start Your Own Businees in 31 Days
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In this course, you will learn a lot of necessary things about business and entrepreneurship. I will guide you through the process of planning your business. Once you have a business plan, it will help you to go to your next step. It will ease start your business and plan how to make some decisions in the future. Let follow the every steps in the lectures and apply into your own business strategies. This course is very practical and easy to be applied. Sales strategy, day-to-day operations, financial forecasting, and staffing will be discussed. So, you should enrol this course because when you learn and apply these strategies, you will gain many benefits for your business.

You will learn

✓ Define Business
✓ Know the Market
✓ Define Product
✓ Determine Revenue
✓ Describe Winning and Losing Factor
✓ Know the Competitors / Enemies
✓ Build Strategy to Reach Customer
✓ Understand Customer and Trend
✓ Determine Winning Points
✓ Built a Fortress
✓ Grow Up Plan
✓ Deliver Product
✓ Brand and Market
✓ Sell
✓ Support the Product
✓ Create the Winning Team
✓ Manage Production
✓ Manage Suppliers
✓ Find Advisors
✓ Make Organisation Chart
✓ Compensate the Team
✓ Create Financial Plan
✓ Forecast Financial Condition
✓ Start the Business
✓ Fund the Business


• Passion of Entrepreneurship
• Guts to Start Business
• Entrepreneurs

This course is for

• Businessman
• Entrepreneur
• Management Student
• Business Consultant
• Business Student
Mechanical Engineer, Public Speaker, Entrepreneur
Meigo Albert academic credentials include a combination of international teaching and consulting in engineering and technology. He holds undergraduate degrees in engineering technology (Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering in the field of Mechanical Engineering) at Institut Technology Bandung in 2004-2008, a Master’s of engineering at Aeronautics and Astronautics at the same university in 2008-2009 with summa cum laude achievement and best student in his class, and continue his Doctoral Degree as a specialist of Computational Fluid Dynamics but he left his PhD in 2013. Additionally Meigo holds various technical professional certifications in engineering, mechanical, and aerospace simulation using numerical solutions.
Meigo background and interest includes: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Computer, Science, Business, Marketing, Spiritual, etc.
Meigo loves teaching and learning, it is a great way to share with others and keep himself committed to life long learning not only in mechanical field. He looks forward to meeting and sharing with many life long learners!
– Meigo Albert –
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 34m
Language: English
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