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How to Draw Rocks in Graphite

Great Drawing Comes from Learning and Understanding. Anyone Can Learn to Draw!
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How to Draw Rocks. Rocks present the artist with several challenges. Because of the challenges rocks present many artist will avoid them in their drawing and paintings. In this class we discuss how to draw rocks and make rocks look more like, rocks. We will study the idea of organic versus inorganic shapes the ability to avoid rocks that look like loaves of bread. We then study how to describe and understand the planes of a rock. Using value and understanding light we then draw basic a rock using these concepts. We then continue to explore drawing rocks by creating a drawing of river rocks of every shape and size imaginable. By discussing how to organize, and layout the drawing and then identifying the basic light and dark to give the drawing volume and depth. Along with important insights on creating details to give the drawing depth. Follow along and create some wonderful drawings of rocks with me. 
This a great course for anyone who needs to improve their understanding of landscape drawing. Beginning, intermediate, and even advanced students will find a little something to help their drawing improve. Having taught drawing and painting for 20 years I know how important drawing is to almost every field in the visual arts.
Skills that are Taught
*Identifying Planes
*Designing Planes
*Identifying Light and Shadow Shapes
*Creating Accurate Shadows
*Rendering of Textures
*Value Relationships
*Defining Edges
*Anchoring Line for Composition

You will learn

✓ Fundamentals of Drawing Rocks
✓ Rendering Form and Detail
✓ Light and Shadow Patterns for Clarity
✓ Designing the Contour and Shape to Look Correct
✓ Identifying and Drawing planes
✓ Creating Shadows and Describing Form
✓ Silhouettes and Shapes


• Basic Drawing Skills
• Basic Shading Techniques
• Desire to Learn

This course is for

• Beginning Students Who Want Experience Drawing Landscapes
• Intermediate Students Wanting to Learn about Landscape Drawing
• Advanced Students Wanting to Further Their Landscape Drawing Skills
Fine Artist and Illustrator
Kevin McCain is a classically trained artist. He is a nationally and internationally published illustrator and has shown in fine art galleries all over the North and Southwest for over twenty years. Kevin has taught students drawing and painting throughout his career. Kevin’s classes teach fundamental skills to help students develop a genuine understanding of their medium. His curriculum is grounded in his own classical training as an artist and his experience as a fine artist and professional illustrator.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 4h 36m
Language: English
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