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Krav Maga Urban Combat

Defense Against a Much Larger Attacker
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In this series, Nick Drossos, takes on 6’6 Jimmy (A.K.A) 315 Lbs Moose. He will break down, the mental and physical offensive and defensive tactics you need to apply to take out a much larger attacker. When faced with a much larger attacker, that is bulling you, you need to finish it fast and get out. In this series I will teach you, all the tricks you need in a street fight to survive!

You will learn

✓ Close Quarter Combat
✓ Defense Against A Larger Attacker
✓ Common Attacks
✓ Awareness Training
✓ How To Finish a Fight Fast
✓ Street Fighting


• Have The Mind Set

This course is for

• Beginners in Self Defense
• Krav Maga Students
• People who are Bullied
• Individuals who are smaller
World Renowned Self Defense Expert
Nick Drossos is distinguished as one of the most prized self-defense experts in the world and founder of Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics System, combining a plethora of meticulously designed self-defense techniques. Nick empowers his pupils with high-caliber skills that include awareness training, subjective assessments of violence, weapon defense, stress training, and real-life scenario drills.

For two decades, Nick studied traditional martial arts such as Kung Fu and Taekwondo. He also trained boxing, Thai boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Mix Martial Arts, and diverse reality-based self-defense systems, including Krav Maga. Honoured accolades extend to include Kettlebell, TRX, Fitness Kickboxing Canada, Yoga Fit and CanFitPro.

Nick’s practice and dexterity have also earned him international success as a prominent strength training coach, securing a dynamic kinship with professional MMA Fighter, Davis Dos Santos. Other high-profile distinctions include comedian – Sugar Sammy – producer, Septicfish – Master Chef, Dino (Babydoll) comedian – Pantelis.

Nick’s self-defense instruction, fitness intelligence, and raw life experience impeccably connect in his renowned YouTube channel, with over 380K subscribers. His Code Red Defence program, with over 220K subscribers, is inspired by survivalism and awareness. Nick’s warrior-like prowess and gift to propel motivational greatness, intensify his self-defense videos.

Nick merited features in Men’s Health Magazine and GTI. Additionally, City TV, TVBS National, Todd Shapiro, Breakfast Television, ‘Read This If You Want To Be YouTube Famous’ and most recent, Global T.V

Collaborations with UFC fighter, Elias Theodorou, Mike Rosa, Master Ken, and Sensi Ando have been monumental. Notable podcasts have included Bogdan Rosu, Master Wong, McDojo, Path To Manliness, John McAfee, American Warrior, Todd Shapiro, and American Society.

Coveted by military, police, and security personnel on an international level, Nick has conducted training seminars in NYC, Vienna, Athens, and Montreal with requests for his renowned self-defence expertise surmounting. In most recent Nick developed and certified, the Defensive Tactic Unit, of the Boston police in his Edge Weapon Instrcutor Certification.

Nick is steadfast in both his tenacity and aspirations for the future. His visions are immense, and his passion, grit, and boldness continue to facilitate his next target.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 42m
Language: English
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