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Kindle Secrets #1: Kindle Launch to Kindle Best Seller

Kindle Best Seller 30 Day Launch - Take New books & Revive old books to stay at Kindle Best Sellers! Always Work!
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Kindle Launch Plan – Only 30 days to become Kindle Best sellers & stay there!

Rosa’s Online School: 
•Teaching 24      Courses on Business Successes – Udemy, Kindle, Skillshare!
•Teaching 93      Courses on Music & Piano Courses!
OVER 74,000 Successful students have already taken my online courses since July 2014 with many 5 Star Reviews 
I thank people for writing reviews for me.  They help me to become a better instructor.  After reading some of the reviews, I realize my introduction is too thorough, so I have now shortened the introductory videos so that students can get into action with the Launching Plan.  🙂  Thank you.  Everything is concise and succinct. I have taken out a lot of the demo videos so that we can stay very very focused.

Listen to what her students are saying:
Jamie Brigg:
High Quality & Actionable
I have purchased several of Rose Suen’s kindle books on Amazon and was delighted to see her here on Udemy. This Instructor is as professional and business savvy as they come. I learned a lot about Kindle in this course and HIGHLY recommend everything from this DYNAMIC teacher! 10-STARS
Kim Regan:
Very Good Course
Lots of great strategies and tips in this course. You will learn the WHY behind the suggestions of a pro author.
How would you like to launch a new kindle book today and watch your book appearing in the Best Sellers pages within 30 Days? 
It’s not as difficult as you may think. After this course, you will be convinced that you, too, can launch a new book into the Best Sellers page using my 30 Day Proven Method. 
•You will see case studies of how others have succeeded to become Best Sellers in 30 days.
•You will see my case studies that it is possible to create such a success.
•For the purpose of this course, I even launched a book on November 17, 2014 to show you that it can be done. Today, this book is on the Best Sellers pages in 2 categories already.  You can even check it live yourself.
Nothing is more frustrating and discouraging than writing a best selling book that gets hidden and buried behind millions of books in Amazon Kindle store.  Days, weeks and months go by and nobody is buying your book.  How can they buy your book? They don’t even see your book on the bookshelf.  They don’t even know your book existed.   
This course is also going to show you “how to revive your old kindle books” that are already published on the bookshelf and turn them into Best Sellers. 
The only way to get people to see your books is to bring your books to the Top 100 Paid Best Sellers pages right away. 
The question is: Do you believe it is possible to become a Best Selling Author in your area of expertise in 30 days? 
Here’s the Secret of this Course:   Amazon wants you to succeed to become Best Sellers more than you know.  Amazon has built in a 30 day system for you to take that “leap forward” right at the beginning of your launch to take your book to Best Sellers page.  You have neglected the value of the first 30 day launch all along.  Perhaps you didn’t even know it existed. 
In this course,  you are going to tap into the power of this 30 Day Launch with my strategy and proven method. 
You are going to receive my complete system of how I launch my Kindle books in these 30 days.  I follow this system for all my books. 
•You see a real live book case study of a new book launched on November 17, 2104
•You see a live case study that it is possible to revive your old kindle books to turn them to Best Sellers, even #1 as it did for my book.
This complete 30 Day Book Launch will include:   
•How to Tap into the power of KDP
•Where to Promote your new book using free promotion sites
•How to Promote your new book through various means
•Advertise your paid book by paying $2 to this promotion site
•How to Use my gold mine method to gather reviews in Amazon
•Learn my trick and magic tip to boost your book higher in the Best sellers status
•Know the kind of mistakes people often make
•Avoid the mistakes so your account would not get banned
•Know where to make changes to your books
•How to look at your book thumbnails and make massive drastic changes
Follow through my 30 Day Proven Method. 
Use my strategy plan that works. 
Do not skip steps. 
Do not take short cuts. 
Plan smartly! 
Promote Wisely! 

  About Rosa’s online course at Udemy: 
•Over 74,000 very happy students already in my Udemy classes
•See the 5 Star Reviews from VERY satisfied students
•You get free lifetime access
•All videos are at your finger tips to watch anytime & anywhere
•All future extra lectures and upgrades are always free
•Unconditional Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee and that’s my personal promise to your success!
•Join this happy family of students
This is a long awaited dream many Kindle authors had longed for and you can make this dream come true for you today!

Enroll into the course and I will see you inside, 


You will learn

✓ LAUNCH a new book to get into best seller category
✓ CHOOSE the cateogories to write their books in to get into Best Seller List
✓ DISCOVER dfferent methods to do free promotion in the first 30 days of book launch
✓ TAP into the power of Hot New Releases
✓ CLIMB to the top in the Best Seller List category
✓ JUMP START your Kindle book Launch
✓ PLAN SMARTLY in your first 30 day Launch
✓ PROMOTE wisely to create a successful launch
✓ SET your book on fire as soon as it goes live
✓ KEEP the momentum to keep your book in the Best Sellers status
✓ REVIVE old Kindle books that don’t sell well
✓ LEARN the one solution to take old Kindle Books to Best Sellers
✓ BRING ‘dead’ books back to “LIFE” to Best Sellers in 30 days


• a general idea of the KDP platform
• helpful if they already have a book in the KDP platform
• know how to create their own books in a Word document

This course is for

• those who want to be a best seller author
• those who are passionate to share their success with others
• kindle publisher authors
• kindle publisher authors seeking the path of success
Kindle Best Seller, Coach, Teaching 40 Courses
Rose is a professional teacher (Music & Business) and Best Selling author of many books in Amazon Kindle.  She has helped many students to become very successful in Amazon Kindle Publishing and is making  a huge impact formatting Kindle books perfectly for her clients.  She coaches her clients to become successful in their expertise as they too share their passion, skill and knowlege with the world.  Many of her students have become Best Selling Author in their categories. 
Rose is also a product creator in other areas such as Piano Music Courses, Bible Studies, Holy Land Videos.  Her Education Degree from University of British Columbia and later on a Master Degree in Christian Theological Studies had enabled her to skillfully develop multilevel courses, lectures, workshops and training for her students ranging from young children to university level. 
With her expertise and 30+ years of experience in teaching, she has a large group of followers to learn from her fun piano lessons and highly motivated to creating kindle books. 
She is now a well known popular instructor at Udemy.  She is teaching in the Music Hobby Category + Business Category with a total of more than 40 courses at Udemy.  Her presentations are motivating with ‘live’ case studies to show you how you can succeed like her. She walks you through her dashboards to show you all the specific details.  It’s all ‘first hand’ experience!  Come and join her thousands of students to learn how to turn your passion into a fun successful power house through books and online teaching at Udemy. In her spare time, she  coaches Udemy instructors.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 39m
Language: English
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