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Kindle Complete Course: Book Writing, Publishing, Marketing

Step-by-step strategies for creating and publishing your own books on Kindle.
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No, I am not a millionaire yet. However, I chose the title “Kindle Book Millionaire” because the premise of this course is, anyone can become a millionaire by writing/publishing Kindle books. There are so many real life examples for this (Amanda Hocking, J.A.Konrath, John Locke, etc.)
This course has all the details you need to write, publish, market and sell Kindle books.
This is a 4 hours course. This ultimate course with exhaustive details about Kindle book writing, publishing, marketing and selling will enable you to make money using Kindle Books as soon as you are done with the course.
If you think, you are not a good writer, no worries. I am not a professional author either. I outsourced most of my books.
At the end of this course, you will have all the details needed to write, publish, market and sell an e-book.
For better results, please go through the course in the order it is listed.
Section 1 – Money Making Machine
– 4 SIMPLE steps to publish your book

– Easy ways to analyze the market for your book

– 3 POWERFUL ways to get your book idea

– 6 HIDDEN Secrets to market your book

– How to turn your PASSION into MONEY-MAKING book

– EFFECTIVE ways to get 5-STAR reviews

– AMAZING way to find out the number of copies sold

– EXCELLENT ways to find your DREAM covers
Section 2 – Non-Fiction Writing Machine
– Step-by-Step Blue Print to write your book in 5 ½ days

– Ways to EFFECTIVELY use “Look Inside” feature to sell more copies

– SECRETS to make your readers your LOYAL fans

– Strategies to use to create KILLER outline for your book

– 11 Habits of Highly Ineffective writers

– 11 Parts of a Non-Fiction book
Section 3 – Unlimited Books Sales Machine
– My friend Andy DOUBLED his book sales using ONE strategy. You can too!

– 7 SIZZLING ways to start your description

– AMAZING 1 single way to end your description

– 7 NLP Hypnotic Patterns to hypnotize the buyers to buying

– POWER methods to tell GREAT stories in your description

– HIDDEN Secrets to find your Unique Selling Proposition

– POWER of Power words. 75 Power Words to create your description

– HTML codes for STUNNING and DAZZLING description

– 21 PROVEN Tips and Techniques to sell MORE books right away
Section 4 – Titles & Covers That Sell
– 8 Types of KILLER titles

– Find the covers that CAPTIVATE the customers

– Methods to brand your book

– Strategies to emphasize the EXCELLENT benefits

– Ways to establish yourself as an Authority
I spent 6 months creating this course, putting in all the knowledge I have gained in my 2 years of Kindle Publishing business. I have made this course complete with full of details.
I guarantee you that by the end of this course, you will have all the knowledge you need to become successful in Kindle publishing.
You can connect with me via Facebook and Twitter
Here are the books I have written so far.
Money Making Machine
Non-Fiction Writing Machine
Unlimited Books Sales Machine
Titles & Covers That Sell
Kindle Book Millionaire
In total I have published 34 books so far including German, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.
Here are my books appearing in Top 100 lists of Amazon. It includes my French translation as well.
All the Best,
Anbu Rayappan

You will learn

✓ By the end of this course, you will be able to write, publish, market and sell an e-book


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• This course intended for anyone who is interested in making money using Kindle Books.
#1 Best Selling Author & Entrepreneur
Anbu Rayappan is an entrepreneur and a full-time Sr. Database Administrator in the IT Department of a Fortune 100 company. He has done Masters in Computer Science from a reputed university in India. He is a very ambitious person, known for his positive and optimistic attitude among his friends and family.
He is a voracious reader and he has read at least 1000 books, mostly non-fiction. He loves to read and write non-fiction books. His is extremely passionate about Psychology, Hypnotism, NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming), History and Relationship. When he is not reading and writing, he enjoys spending time with his 8 years old son. He lives in Bay Area.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 4h 8m
Language: English
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