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KAM – Key Account Management – made simple

All you need to know about KAM (Key Account Management)
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UPDATED regularly with new support material (PDF/PPT/VIDEO). Includes more than 15 extra support files.

Sales tests and Business cases to help you explore and apply knowledge. Very important to prepare you for real case situations and job interviews. Both with proposed solutions.

KAM – Key Account Management is not a monster or something too high level and complex.
It’s a process, a sales process. It just needs to be understood and put into perspective concerning your portfolio and sales strategy.
And you can make it complicated if you want, but there’s no need.
I’ll explain in plain English and detail all about KAM (Key Account Management) in this course.
From the background and fundamentals such:
– What is KAM (Key Account Management)
– Why/when/how should I implement KAM (Key Account Management)
What are the implications and benefits of implementing KAM (Key Account Management)
What resources do I need to do it successfully
The steps and different stages of KAM (Key Account Management)
The portfolio classification and distinction
The main differences between a traditional sales team and KAM (Key Account Management) approach

At the end of the course, in the bonus lesson, besides templates and many support material, you’ll find some slides explaining how this course can help you with your career.

You will learn

✓ What is KAM (Key Account Management) about
✓ What do you need to implement KAM (Key Account Management)
✓ Implications and benefits of implementing KAM (Key Account Management)
✓ Differences between traditional sales and KAM (Key Account Management)
✓ The different stages of KAM (Key Account Management)


• Minimum understanding of Sales
• minimum of business understanding

This course is for

• Sales people
• Students at end of their studies
• Professionals from any area looking for a sales role
• Entrepreneurs
• Business Managers
• Sales Directors
• Sales leads
Bestselling Author, International Sales & Negotiation Expert
I manage customers among the world top corporations and have closed single deals as big is 50 Million turnover.  
I live in Netherlands, I speak six languages, have been more than twenty five years in sales and I am an international Key Account Manager.
I handle strategic accounts benefiting from my vast experience, language skills and cultural awareness.     
Having dealt with customers from different countries and sizes –from the small factory to the world biggest corporations- facing different complexities, industry segments and purchasing organizations, I share my knowledge, experience, skills and best practices to all those willing to learn, develop or explore their career in the B2B sales world on online or f2f trainings.

I’m the author of the book “sales is my passion” available on Amazon and other bookstores.

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