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Journaling and Visualising Your Dreams Workshop

Moving you forward towards your dream
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Platform: Udemy
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Do you have areas of your life that you know are lacking your attention yet you still bury your head in the sand?
Those areas that don’t get your attention so, start having a knock-on effect on your everyday living?

Do you dream of a business full of happy clients?
Do you dream of continuity and progress?
Do you dream of how great life will be when you have it all?

When we dream, we visualise all the amazing things happening and coming true.

When we visualise, our brains encode it as a real memory, as our brains do not know the difference between something that actually happened to you and the things that you imagine happening to you.

How powerful would it be if you had a more specific thing to focus on, knowing that your brain will think it’s already happening and because you have the positive feeling to go with it, began showing you the way to make it all come true.
Well, you can.

This workshop will give you a chance to stop, listen to yourself and your thoughts and really give you the time to consider your life in these areas.

Taken at your own pace an insightful, relaxed, calming experience which will allow you to set your intentions and give you the direction you need to move forward toward your dreams.

You will learn

✓ Clarity on areas in your life that need attention
✓ Know how to move forward in these areas to make a change in your life
✓ Working time to listen to yourself and your thoughts to be able to consider your life in these areas
✓ A relaxing guided meditation to visualise your dream coming true


• This is an interactive workshop, with tasks to complete. NO required skills or equipment needed

This course is for

• Anyone who feels they need more balance in areas of their life or business.
Coach and Therapist
I’m an intuitive no-nonsense Coach. I use proven business & therapy techniques to take away the fear, which will allow you to grow & flourish in your life and business.
My own mindset journey started many years ago, after being diagnosed with cervical cancer and suffering with depression. I felt I’d lost my identity and was missing out on achieving my dreams.
I help you see things differently on those thoughts going on in your head.
Working with me will give you the confidence to show up as who you are without the fear and anxiety.
I will support, encourage and hold you accountable. You will have structure in your thoughts and what you want to say and do, with a fresh sense of excitement.
Platform: Udemy
Video: 58m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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