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JavaScript – Everything that you need to know as a beginner

A complete JavaScript course that will take your HTML and CSS knowledge to next level
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Welcome to the Javascript course, everything you need to know as a beginner. So, you are all set after learning HTML and CSS and you want to go further as a web developer or web designer, obviously next step would be to learn Javascript. If you will ask anyone about the three fundamentals of Web development, everyone will say, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. But learning a programming language for the first time can be little intimidating and we totally understand that. You have come to the right place.
JavaScript is the most demanding language of 2016. Yes, this is a true statement. If you had told me this statement, around 5 years back, I would not have believed you. But in present scenario, javascript is very powerful. Things like nodejs, angularjs, reactjs and almost everything that has js at the end is based on javascript. In order to learn them, javascript is a must have knowledge in the belt.
So what will you get in this course?
This course is crafted in such a manner that beginner feels right at home and if you know a little about other programming languages, you will learn best practice to write JS codes. We will start from installing a code editor, although you can stick with your favorite one too. Then we will move towards variable declaration, conditionals, loops and functions. There is an entire section to talk about functions in depth. No Javascript course can be called complete without discussing about DOM, Document Object Model. We will explore about DOM, nodes and events too. Further as a bonus section we will also have a look for installing a web server and getting our hands dirty with Ajax too.
This course is made with perfect recipe for the beginners. Students from 180+ countries have trusted our training quality and we are evolving everyday. On top of everything we are so sure about our quality that we offer 30 days money back guarantee, but that won’t be needed. From the very first lecture you will realize our professional quality in lectures.
I cannot wait to see you in the class !
See you there

You will learn

✓ get started with JavaScript
✓ Learn to write your first JavaScript code
✓ Improve your web design skills with Javascript
✓ Make cools effects on site with javaScript
✓ Learn best practices of JavaScript
✓ Learn to create DOM elements and nodes
✓ Handle Ajax at it’s best


• Your favourite code editor.
• You should have a little knowledge about HTML.

This course is for

• Web developers
• Web designers
• Those who wants to take their web skills to next level
• Prior HTML knowledge will help a lot
• CSS knowledge is not strictly required but surely will help
• No coding experience is required
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 5h 2m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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