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Java Web Services & Java EE Microservices: JSP Servlets JBDC

Java RESTFUL Web Services & Java EE Microservices: JSP and Servlets, JBDC, JBoss, AJAX, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, JavaServer Faces
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Web services are a method of communication between two electronic devices over a network. Many organizations use multiple software systems for management. Different software systems often need to exchange data with each other, and a web service is a method of communication that allows two software systems to exchange this data over the internet, but if you can’t create web services, you’re missing great opportunities and other writers will grab them.
What if you could change that?
My complete Java Web Services course will show you the exact techniques and strategies you need to create web services, use enterprise beans, create queries and master Java EE.
For less than a movie ticket, you will get over 4 hours of video lectures and the freedom to ask me any questions regarding the course as you go through it. 🙂
What Is In This Course?
Your Web Services Will Never Be The Same.
Except if you’re already an excellent creator of web services, use the embedded enterprise bean container, use the criteria API to create queries, know security in the Java EE platform, creating and using string-based criteria queries, you are going to lose more opportunities to write clear intructions and miss career advancements that other people will gladly take.
As what John Fowler, a certified technical communicator says “Today, Web services is really about developing for the server. What it means to developers is any set of systems services that you make a Web service you to access by any kind of device with a highly interactive client, not just a browser.”
This is offered with a 30 days money back guarantee. You can try it with no financial risk.
In This Web Services Training, You’ll Learn:
•Java Web Services•Learn Web Applications•Use and Develop JavaServer Faces Technology in Web Pages•Java Servlet Technology•Types of Web Services•Build Web Services with JAX-WS•Build RESTful Web Services with JAX-RS•Enterprise Beans•Use the Embedded Enterprise Bean Container•Use Asynchronous Method Invocation in Session Beans•The Java Persistence Query Language•Use the Criteria API to Create Queries•Creating and Using String-Based Criteria Queries•Security in the Java EE Platform•Securing Web Applications•Java EE Supporting Technologies•Use Java EE Interceptors—————————————————————————————————–
Is This For You?
•Do you want to build useful and secure web services? •Are you afraid of not being able to create good web services? •Do you think you will feel proud creating the services that will be used every day and help others to work more effectively? Then this course will definitely help you.
This course is essential to all programmers, developers, Java Developers, JEE Developers and anyone looking to learn web services.
I will show you precisely what to do to solve these situations with simple and easy techniques that anyone can apply.
Why To Have Strong Web Services Skills?
Let Me Show You Why To Have Strong Web Services Skills:
1. You will create web services.
2. You will use enterprise beans.
3. You will create queries.
4. You will master Java EE.
Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my course. You can be sure you’re going to absolutely love it, and I can’t wait to share my knowledge and experience with you inside it! 
Why wait any longer?
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You will learn

✓ Java Web Services
✓ Learn Web Applications
✓ Use and Develop JavaServer Faces Technology in Web Pages
✓ Java Servlet Technology
✓ Types of Web Services
✓ Build Web Services with JAX-WS
✓ Build RESTful Web Services with JAX-RS
✓ Enterprise Beans
✓ Use the Embedded Enterprise Bean Container
✓ Use Asynchronous Method Invocation in Session Beans
✓ The Java Persistence Query Language
✓ Use the Criteria API to Create Queries
✓ Creating and Using String-Based Criteria Queries
✓ Security in the Java EE Platform
✓ Securing Web Applications
✓ Java EE Supporting Technologies
✓ Use Java EE Interceptors


• No Prior Knowledge Or Work Is Necessary To Take This Course.
• Pen And Paper For Precious Notes

This course is for

• All Programmers, Developers, Java Developers, JEE Developers
• Anyone Looking To Learn Web Services.
• This Is Not For People Looking For A Quick Or Lazy Way Of Programming
Start Your Path To Incredible Knowledge Today With Experts!
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 7h 23m
Language: English
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