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Java SE 11 Programmer I – 1Z0-815 Course – includes 1Z0-819

Java certification gives you a huge advantage vs those who are not java certified. Get that Java Developer Job today!
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The results are in!  Real students just like you are using this course to pass the Oracle Java certification exam.  Here is just one review from a happy student who passed the exam after taking this course.
“Passed the Oracle Certified Professional – Java SE 11 – 1z0-815 exam using this course. It is very well structured and is to the point. If you are planning to [take] this exam, this course is a very very good place to start revising and preparing for the exam.” – Suryanarayanan Ganesh.
Stop press!
Oracle has announced a new exam, the 1Z0-819 taking effect 1st October 2020.    This new exam takes the content from the 1Z0-815 exam as well as the 1Z0-816 exam and combines them into one exam.  This is good for you as you only need to sit one exam to become Java certified.
This course is still 100% relevant for the 1Z0-815 component of the course.  My 1Z0-816 course, with this one, will still give you 100% of what you need to pass the 1Z0-819 exam.
I’ll be updating this course for free with 1Z0-819 material so that with my combined two courses, you have everything you need to pass the 1Z0-819 exam.
Why Get Java Certified?
Getting Java certified is a great way to increase your career options.
The reality is that employers value Java certification, and programmers who are certified are much more likely to get jobs and/or contract opportunities and get paid more compared to those who are not certified.
Simply put, if you want to increase your career options, and earn more, you need to obtain Java certification.
What does 1Z0-815 mean?

Oracle has a code they use for each of their exams.  This one denotes the Java SE 11 Programmer I exam, the code they use for this exam.  Specifically, this one is for the latest certification offered by Oracle for Java – this time for Java 11.  Previously the certification code was 1Z0-808 for Java 8.   If you are unsure why to get certified in Java 11, there is a section below that explains why Java 11 is the version you need to get certified in.
Why This Course?

There really is only one Java certification program that has any industry recognition, and that’s Oracle’s Java certification.  Oracle is, of course, the owner of the Java brand, and their exams have a reputation of being difficult and tricky to pass.
That’s where this course comes in.  Its sole purpose is to help you pass Oracles 1Z0-815, Java 11 certification exam.
Oracle helpfully publish a document that outlines the topics that will be in the exam, and this course covers 100% of that material in detail. 
Yes 100%
Through a combination of videos, slides, and quizzes, you will obtain the necessary skills to pass the exam in style.
Not only does the course cover the basic “must-know” Java information, but it also covers the tricky stuff that can trip up even the most experienced developer. 
For example, did you know there are 20+ valid declarations of the main executable method in Java?  Who would have thought that
“public static void main” had so many variations?
How about the Java interpreter added in Java 11 that allows you to execute a .java source file without compiling it (no .class file needed).  Can you name the feature? And can you answer under what circumstances it will not work?
What about the new garbage collectors added since Java 8?  Can you list them?  Which ones are deprecated and can you list which ones are best for particular purposes?
Are you confident you understand modules, first introduced in Java 9?  You’ll need to be because there are questions in the 1Z0-815 about modules.
The answers to all of the above questions and much more are in this course.
Why Get Certified in Java 11, aren’t there newer versions available?
Java 11 is designated as the LTS or Long Term Support version of Java – it’s going to be supported by Oracle and JDK vendors until at least 2026, unlike Java 9, Java 10, and Java 12, all of which are no longer supported by Oracle.  Even Java 13’s support will cease in March 2020.
Large companies have large codebases, and it takes them a long time to upgrade that code to new versions of Java – for years Java 8 was the main version used by companies and with the release of Java 11, and Oracle’s commitment to supporting it for many years as well as them designating it as the long term support version, this means that the majority of the industry will be moving, or already have moved to Java 11.  Particularly now that Java 8 support is ending soon.
Oracle does not have a certification program for Java 9, 10, 12, or Java 13.  This is by design. Because Java 11 is Oracle’s long term supported version of Java.  For this reason, Java 11 its the version of Java you need to become certified in. And this course will help you achieve that.
Who is this course suitable for?
If you have been through at least some of my Java Masterclass on Udemy, or another Java course and/or have some professional programming experience in Java or another programming language then this course is for you. 
It’s designed to give you the exact information and skills you need to pass Oracle’s Java 11 1Z0-815 exam.
If you already have Java 7 or Java 8 certification and want to upgrade your skills to Java 11, this is for you.
The great thing about the course is that it’s relatively short (at least compared to me almost 80 hour Java Masterclass), so it’s great if you need to cram before taking the exam.
Will the course teach me Java?
While the course will teach you a lot about Java, including a lot of tricky syntax you probably aren’t aware of, it’s not designed to teach you Java from scratch – If you have no experience or want a refresher, you may want to consider my Java Masterclass which assumes no programming experience in any language.
This course assumes you know the basics, and focuses on giving you what you need to pass the exam. 
There is no fluff in this course, I know your time is valuable, and for this reason, you won’t see me typing code into the IDE, almost all code used in the course is pasted in, and the necessary information you need explained.
The course only covers topics that you are likely to see questions for in the exam, no more and no less.
What this course is not.
This course is not a  “rebadged” Java 8 Certification course – the 1Z0-815, Java 11 certification is a lot different from the 1Z0-808 (Java 8) exam (for starters it covers many features not included in Java 8, a few of which are listed above).
If you only have Java 8 experience it’s going to be pretty hard for you to pass the Java 11 exam.  You need to be up to speed with Java 11 features (as well as the older stuff) and that’s what you will learn in this course.
I created this course, in scratch, in Java 11 to give you the tools you need to pass Oracle’s 1Z0-815 exam. 
Who is this course suitable for?
If you have been through at least some of my Java Masterclass on Udemy, or another Java course or have some professional programming experience in Java or another programming language then this course is for you.
It’s designed to give you the exact information and skills you need to pass the Oracles Java 11 1Z0-815 exam.
If you have Java 7 or Java 8 certification and want to upgrade your skills to Java 11, this is for you.
Is the course in progress or complete?
The course is 100% complete, covering all topics that will appear as exam questions in the exam – all videos, slides, and quizzes are ready for immediate access.
Who Am I?
My name is Tim Buchalka, a professional software developer with over 35 years of experience, starting out with Java way back in the 1990s.  I am the creator of the biggest and most comprehensive Java course on Udemy, the Java Masterclass which has been a best seller for many years and has close to 400,000 students and literally tens of thousands of glowing reviews.
You can be assured that the quality of the course is second to none and that the information contained in it will help you pass the 1Z0-815.
Hand-edited subtitles included.
I’ve got your back with subtitles.  Most courses on Udemy have computer-generated subtitles which are better than no subtitles at all.  But not much better.  The subtitles in this course are all individually hand-edited to ensure what I say in a video is reflected in the subtitle shown on screen.  In other words, the subtitles are 100% readable and make sense.

You will learn

✓ Recap the core basic Java skills required to pass the Java 11 1Z0-815 exam
✓ Master the tricky syntax and other unusual code tricks that appear in the exam
✓ Obtain the skills and confident to pass Oracle’s Java 11 1Z0-815 exam in style


• Exposure to the Java programming language
• Preferably have completed all or part of my Java Masterclass here on Udemy (or another Java course)Or be a professional programmer with Java experience
• Have a desire to get Java certified and earn more money!

This course is for

• Java Students or Professional developers who want an easy way to prepare for Oracles Java 11 1Z0-815 exam
Java Python Android and C# Expert Developer – 812K+ students
Tim’s been a professional software developer for over 35 years.  During his career, he has worked for major companies such as Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, and Saab.His video courses are used to train developers in major companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Paypal, VW, Pitney Bowes, IBM, and T-Mobile just to name a few (via the Udemy for Business program).What makes Tim unique is his professional programming career – many instructors have never programmed professionally, let alone had a distinguished professional development career like Tim.Tim has trained over 812,000 students how to program, way more than a typical IT Professor at a college does in a lifetime.In fact, Tim’s courses are often purchased by students struggling to get through college programming courses.
Platform: Udemy
Video: 12h 41m
Language: English
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