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Java Network Programming – TCP/IP Socket Programming

Learn how to write powerful network applications.
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Platform: Udemy
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Update April 17, 2017: Two students asked me for subtitles. I removed the auto-generated subtitles and I added right subtitles for every lesson. Also, sound quality has been improved for some lessons. Thanks for your suggestion! Now, every student can follow this course more easily.
Update September 17, 2016: Some of my students asked me for a chat application. So
I created the application (GUI included) and I added it in chapter 9. 
Now, you can download the application, run it and view the source code. Enjoy!
Update August 4, 2016: Added: quizzes for learning reinforcement.

Student Testimonials!
The best course ever on udemy , it teaches student not only the how to build network application but also discuss all programming topics like streams , thread that involved on building network applications ,the teacher explains while he is coding every step in details , and explain why he prefered this method over that method . Mr. Catalin provides detail answers for any question in quick time . Take this course and you will master building network applications
Professional and up to the point. It tells the beginners every single step about Java Network Programming which is very nice. It makes the difficult things look easy.
Sobhan N.

Excelente curso, esta muy bien explicado y la sintaxys del codigo es muy clara, solo me gustaria ver streaming de audio en tiempo real.

Course Description

With over 45 videos this online Java training course is designed to provide a solid foundation in Java network programming and network communication.
Learn something new
Network programming is one field which everybody uses but is still considered an advanced topic.

OpenSource Code

Allsource code shown in this course is also available for download.Students can create their own projects usingthe downloaded java files.

Combinetheory with practice!

Eachchapter has an intro video tocover basic theory needed to understand the rest of the materialcovered.

In the first chapter you will learn the concept of network communication from the very basic fundamental level that needs to be understood by everyone.

Two other chapters are included in this course for those programmer who haven’t worked yet with java threads or java IO. These two are very important topics when you want to build a network application and I want to ensure that all students have the basics before we start to code Client – Server applications.
In the Socket (Java Socket programming) section you will start to write simple TCP servers or TCP clients. Also, you will learn how to create a multi-user or a multithreaded server and we are going to test each written application. We will connect multiple TCP clients to a multithreaded server and we will observe the TCP server behavior and how it makes to respond to multiple clients at the same time. 

In this chapter I will cover some other important network programming topics:
•Scan a remote host for open ports
•Get network interface hardware information
•Validate an IP address in different ways
•Ping a remote host address using java code
•Browse internet using java code.
•Web scrapping – get what data you want from a web page
UDP chapter focus on the difference between the most used Transport Layer protocols: TCP and UDP. We will write together an UDP server and an UDP client. The interesting part of this chapter comes after we will run the code. The next chapters present some useful applications:
•Send an email
•Transfer files between a server and a client using TCP sockets
•A small web browser.
The code is explained in details, line by line. All the needed theory is presented in the application intro and we will test each application after the source code is explained.

So let’s start the interesting journey now! 
Catalin Baba

You will learn

✓ Understand core concepts of network communication
✓ Become familiar with basics of networking: internet architecture, IP addresses, TCP connections, ports.
✓ Learn how to create java threads and how to use java IO
✓ Learn the basics of Java sockets programming: creation and usage of sockets;
✓ Know how to develop Client/Server TCP and UDP applications
✓ Learn how to transfer data between server/client applications running on different machines on the network.
✓ Code applications like: Port Scanner, Browse the Internet, Web Scraping, Get network interface properties, Validate IP Addresses, Ping a remote host
✓ Develop more complex network applications: File Transfer Application, Small Web Server, Send Emails


• A computer – Windows, Mac or Linux
• Java Development Kit 7 or Java Development Kit 8
• Netbeans, Eclipse or any other IDE
• Basic Java knowledge
• Basic computer and Internet skills

This course is for

• The course is aimed for anyone who wants to learn network programming
• If you have never written code, this course is probably not for you.
Software engineer
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 37m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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