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Java Code Cleanup with SOLID Principles and Design Patterns

Intellij, SOLID Principle, Design Patterns, Software architecture, Software design, Solid principles of object oriented
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When you develop software, you encounter with some unwilling code. For example, these codes can be long method, long class or dirty code. In this cource, you will learn basic solutions about such kind of problems. Also, you will learn SOLID priencibles and some design patterns. We will mention about these topics in this cource:
•Nested condition cleanup
•Long methods cleanup
•Long class cleanup
•Model/Entity cleanup
•Code cleanup with command pattern.
•Code cleanup with builder pattern.
•Code cleanup with visitor design pattern
•Code cleanup with Single Responsibility Principle
•Code cleanup with Open/Closed Principle
•Code cleanup with Liskov’s Subtitution Principle
•Code cleanup with Interface Segregation Principle
•Code cleanup with Dependency Inversion Principle

You will learn

✓ Clean Code
✓ Effective Code
✓ Pure Code
✓ SOLID Priencibles
✓ Design Patterns
✓ Code Cleanup
✓ Object Oriented Programming
✓ Unit Test
✓ intellij
✓ refactoring java
✓ Refactoring to Design Patterns
✓ Refactoring Java with IntelliJ IDEA
✓ software architecture
✓ software design
✓ solid principles of object oriented design
✓ solid


• Basic Java Information will be helpful

This course is for

• Beginner to Guru Java Developers
• Curious about effective code development.
Software Architect
I’m a backend developer with highly expertised in Java. In my professional experience, I worked in government projects as full stack developer. Java, EJB, Spring, REST, Oracle technologies are used in these projects. Strong engineering professional with a Master’s degree focused in Computer Engineering from TOBB ETU and Hacettepe.Aside from professional experience, I also love to code at home as hobby. I have a lot of Android and IOS Application which is available in Google Play, App Store. I like to solve and learn algorithmic problems/challenges from websites like hackerrank.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 36m
Language: English
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