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IT For IT Recruiters

Recruiter Training - Essential IT Knowledge for Successful IT Recruiting
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IT For IT Recruiters
IT For IT Recruiters is a short form for the phrase, ‘Information Technology For Information Technology Recruiters’.
About this Course
This course introduces Information Technology to …
•individuals who would like to become IT Recruiters•Recruiters who work in Information Technology industry•Regular Recruiters who would transition into IT RecruitingIT Recruiting
•IT Recruiting is a multi-million dollar industry•There are lots of businesses whose main focus is IT Recruiting, Staffing and Consulting•Most companies hire Recruiters who has IT Recruiting skills•Often IT Recruiting amounts to bigger share among all the recruiting within an organization•As IT positions pay higher than non-IT positions in general, becoming an IT Recruiter is one of the highly sought and highly paid career in the Recruiting industry.The Problem
When companies hire IT Recruiters, often they will be able to find skilled candidates who are excellent in communication skills and recruitment activities.
Or they may hire beginners who show a great potential in recruiting. 
But how do they know that these recruiters have enough knowledge in IT, which will actually help them to achieve more success?
Or, how do any individual or an existing IT Recruiter acquire knowledge about Information Technology Architecture and Concepts? 
Having a good knowledge in IT will definitely help an IT Recruiter to generate more business. They can start conversations about several potential opportunities with their clients, once they understand the IT Architecture of their clients. 
Where can they get that knowledge? Sure, they can go through the endless technical documents out there everywhere. But is that efficient or even possible? 
For example if someone is a Software Engineer then they can go through Software Engineering materials as deep as they can. This is fine as Software Development is their core function and it requires them to have a deeper knowledge in it.
But an IT Recruiter doesn’t need to waste time on learning all those. Instead he or she needs a way to learn IT efficiently and precisely so that they can perform better in their core business function, which is IT Recruiting.
And that can be accomplished by enrolling to this course. 
Course Details
This course …
•explains Information Technology to IT Recruiters•explains the various IT Job categories in IT•explains about IT Architecture and its evolutionBenefits
•With the knowledge acquired from this course, an IT Recruiter will be able to have conversations which would generate more recruiting business from a client•And this will be achieved not by doing any sales pitch, but by genuinely helping the clients by suggesting IT Solutions to the clients•An IT Recruiter will be able to analyze the client’s IT environment and look for possible business opportunitiesWho will benefit from this course
•IT Recruiting and Staffing companies looking to train their IT Recruiters•IT Recruiters looking to enhance their skills•Individuals looking to begin a career in IT Recruiting•This course will be useful to both beginners and experienced IT Recruiters•This course will be useful to train new hires who are hired as IT Recruiters•Useful for Human Resource Management to train their IT Recruiters

You will learn

✓ generate additional business in IT Recruiting, understand the fundamental IT Architecture and Technology which would help them to be efficient in IT Recruitment


• No prerequisites are needed. An interest in getting into IT Recruiting and an ambition to succeed in that would be a start

This course is for

• Anyone one interested in IT Recruitment, IT Recruiting companies looking to train their Recruiters, HR Managers looking to train their Recruiters, Beginners in IT Recruitment
Experienced IT Support and Database Specialist
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 6m
Language: English
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