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iPhone and Android Filmmaking with Filmic Pro

Cinematic Filmmaking with your phone
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 4h 39m
Language: English
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Welcome to iPhone and Android Filmmaking with Filmic Pro
We are excited to bring you this Class
Our main tip for you is to practice.
Stop binge watching YouTube tips and start shooting video with the equipment ( i.e. phone ) that you already have .
Practice the techniques after every section and shoot video.
You don’t need exotic locations, learn how to use the phone and its functions along with the Filmic pro App.
You will benefit from getting the filmic pro App (not affiliated in any way- but you will need it to get the most out of this course. )
In the App store or wherever you get your apps.
What you get
Over 4 hours of material
Project material where needed.

Mobile filmmaking has come on leaps and bounds.
With the latest cameras in your phones you are able to shoot amazing cinematic video in 4K 60 fps (frames per second ) to slow motion at up to 240 fps .
Even 8K and 10 bit color depth.
You are perfectly capable of shooting cinematic video stories that rival mirror less and DLSR cameras,
with the phone your probably carrying around in your pocket!

This course is primarily using the iPhone but is equally consistent with Android also.
It covers EVERY single button and setting in the Filmic Pro app.
An app that is one of the most widely used phone Apps in the world for getting the most out of your phone camera.
Plus we are not just sitting behind a desk . We will show you real world examples for every step along the way.
We are really excited to bring this course to you and truly believe it’s one of the best courses for mobile filmmaking out there.
Items covered :
•Mobile filmmaking Overview
•Introduction to Filmmaking
•Basics of filmmaking
•What is a reticle?
•What is the exposure reticle
•The Focus reticle
•Manual control settings
•Understanding shutter speed
•What is ISO?
•Live Analytics
•Audio recording
•Recording and media Management
•Getting the files off your phone to your computer
•What is Aspect Ratio and resolution?
•Aspect ratios in post production
•Adding an external Microphone
•Device settings
•CMS (Content management system)
•Final settings menu
•Rule of thirds
•Bottom timer menu
•White Balance
•Kelvin summary
•Log file format
•Smooth Handheld shooting
•Every day setting examples
•Using a gimbal
•Basic gimbal modes
•Gimbal movement
•How to Balance your gimbal
•Real life practical examples.

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You will learn

✓ iPhone cinematic Filmmaking
✓ Android cinematic Filmmaking
✓ Cinematic video using your Phone and Fimic pro
✓ Mobile phone filmmaking


• Have a Phone that can take video and have Filmic pro App installed

This course is for

• Anyone who is looking to get cinematic video from their iphone or Android phones.
Video Training creator
I have been involved with training and making videos for 3 decades. I have created training programs  and on demand video training since the only option was video CD’s!!
I have worked for Global companies to set up training programs that were all visually based training.
My learning method  like a lot of people has always been visual. I always turn to “watching” how to do something vs “reading” about it.
Platform: Udemy
Video: 4h 39m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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