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Investing In Stocks In The Stock Market – Stock Trading

Stock Trading - Master the necessary knowledge and skills to start earning investing in stocks in the stock market
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> Hello! My name is Anton and I invest in stocks of companies on the stock market. I managed to earn, on average, 46% per annum in US dollars.
> I designed the course as accessible as possible. It includes both theoretical and practical topics, covering a wide range of questions that most aspiring investors have.
> You will learn fundamental analysis, that is, read financial statements, conduct a qualitative and quantitative analysis of a business, understand how the stock market works, whether it is worth having 10 or 500 shares, understand when to buy and sell shares, learn common mistakes and how to avoid them – and this only a small part of what you will learn in this course.
> This means that after completing my course, you will go a long way and master the knowledge and skills to choose and buy stocks in the stock market and build your first investment portfolio. You will receive a full-fledged baggage of the necessary skills, which will only have to be updated over time.
> Money back guarantee
> Subsequent course updates are free
> Answers to student questions
>>> Join my course as soon as possible, because the one who sits in the shade today planted a tree a long time ago!

You will learn

✓ Choose which stocks of companies to buy
✓ When to buy and sell stocks
✓ How to live on dividends
✓ Determine the intrinsic value of the company
✓ Conduct fundamental business analysis
✓ Read financial statements
✓ Invest passively in stocks
✓ Use a cost approach
✓ Choose an investment application


• No prior knowledge required

This course is for

• Novice investors will find all the knowledge they need to start investing in stocks
• If you are looking for a course that focuses on day trading or some way to quickly enrich yourself, please do not choose this course, as it does not meet your desires.
Investing in stocks
Hello, my name is Anton. I invest in stocks by managing a portfolio valued at more than $ 20,000.
Based on my own investment experience, I developed the course “Intelligent Investment in Shares”, trying to understand the methods and principles that showed a good result as clearly as possible.
This course was developed for everyone who wants to get additional income investing in stocks, but does not know where to start.
Join the course “Intelligent investing in stocks” – start your investment path from the right place!

Здравствуйте, меня зовут Антон. Я инвестирую в акции компаний, управляя портфелем, оценка которого составляет более 20,000$.
На основе собственного опыта инвестирования, я разработал курс «Разумное инвестирование в акции», стремясь максимально понятно разобрать методы и принципы, которые показали хороший результат.
Данный курс разрабатывался для каждого, кто хочет получать дополнительный доход инвестируя в акции, но не знает с чего начать.
Присоединяйтесь к курсу “Инвестирование в акции на фондовом рынке для новичков” – начните свой инвестиционный путь с правильного места!
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 26m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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