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Invest In Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) In Stock Markets

Passive Income Using ONE Foolproof Way To Invest In Stock Markets Through Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)
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What if there’s a simple, safe and foolproof way of investing in stock markets, through Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)?
1 x Avengers: Infinity War movie – That’s the time required for the course

This course has a 4.7 Stars rating on Udemy. If it worked for others, it would be helpful for you as well.
You have little to lose, learn something today.

Most of us would want to make some extra bucks, whether to fund your holiday, to buy new clothes, to retire peacefully. We all have this agenda in mind and sometimes movies like “Wolf of Wall Street” scares us away because it seems complex and difficult.
Investing DOESN’T require you to get a Degree in Finance nor a MBA…
Neither do you need to be the smartest person in town or Wall Street to make profits from the stock markets.

You will find this course as a simple-to-understand way, step-by-step, that everyone can follow without any experienced needed.

In simple terms, we will cover the following:
Module #1: What Is A Stock Market?
To buy and sell Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), we first need a simple understanding on what a stock market is and how it works. If you are a beginner, this few minutes will be useful. If you are already experienced, take it as a quick refresher then.
Module #2: What Is A Stock Index?
Here, we would like to show the relation between stock markets and stock indices. A stock index can be used to represent a stock market of which we can invest in, more on this later on.
Module #3: Why Do Stock Markets Not Fail?
We know about stock markets and stock indices. Now, we come to the interesting part of why stock markets do not fail where you will learn 3 reasons why this is the case
Module #4: What Are Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)?
We will cover here what Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) are, why it is a better investment choice than Mutual Funds and some examples of different ETFs that are available today
Module #5: How To Invest In Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)?
All talk and no action won’t give any results. This is the key of this course, where you will be informed of a practical approach to invest in ETF through a simple and foolproof way
Bonus #1: How To Use ETF Screeners
Learn how to use an ETF screener to screen for ETFs, based on different types of filters
Bonus #2: Quick Walkthrough On How To Use Brokerage To Buy And Sell ETF
There are different brokerages available today. In this example, we will be looking at eToro brokerage on how to buy and sell ETF.

Why Haven’t You Made Consistent Returns Yet?
You might have made these 4 common mistakes that most people are making when it comes to investing, or when you just began your investing journey.
1. Not understanding what you are investing in
It is crazy how some people started to invest in stock markets without even knowing what it is. Imagine yourself having to fly a plane when you have no knowledge about aviation, the consequences are dire!
2. Falling in love with your investments
Just like relationships, some are just not meant to last when two parties don’t match. Falling in love with your investments and standing by to it despite all indications pointing to a downfall will cause you to lose your judgement and your wealth.
3. Predicting price movements
Prices of the stock market move based on demand and supply. There’s no one person on earth that could predict price movements, not even Warren Buffett. Any attempt from “Experts” to give you a prediction are not being honest as no one person can represent the millions of people in the market.
4. Buying and selling at the wrong time
Unfortunately, there are people who buy and sell stocks or ETFs based on emotions and news. These people tend to buy at the highest price point and sell at the lower price point. That is definitely not the way to make money in the stock market.

“Why Is This Course Different From Others That You See Online?”
To be reasonable and realistic here, you may have probably come across some $1,997 blood-sucking online course that promises you skyrocket returns of 2,000% in 30 days. You and I know it sounds too good to be true.
What I would like to say is that this course is different, it is based on 8 years of self learning, time, effort and resources – with strategies and data that has proven to generate realistic and consistent every year.
And I dare say you will be starting your new ETF investment portfolio in no time, with it growing bigger day by day.

So, all you have to lose is skipping 1 x Avengers: Infinity War movie to get started. Again, you have little to lose, learn something today.. For that, the odds are on your side then. 

You will learn

✓ A simple understanding of stock markets and how it works
✓ The relation between stock markets and stock indices
✓ 3 interesting reasons why stock markets don’t fail
✓ What are Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and why it is a better investment choice than Mutual Funds
✓ How and when to buy or sell Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)


• No prior knowledge needed, it is really not that complicated as Wall Street seems to be

This course is for

• People who wants to make simple and realistic long term returns from stock market
• People who have no stock investment knowledge but want to immediately start
• People who currently have mutual funds and want to diversify to other investments
Investing leisurely, can’t retire yet
Tze has 9 years of self-learning on value investing, has a portfolio with reasonable returns but not a multi-millionaire yet. He does not have a fairy tale rags to riches story, nor did he lose all his money because he didn’t pay $4,999 bucks to attend some Guru’s masterclass.

Tze is on Udemy because he hopes to have a side income sharing his value investing knowledge to fund his house reno and continue to grow his portfolio.

You can also find Tze’s published work on Amazon Kindle – look for  “Tze K” as author.

Reach out to him at [email protected] or join the club at “MRG Value Investing” on Facebook.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 10m
Language: English
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