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Introduction to Lean for Service and Manufacturing

Applying Lean in Service and Manufacturing Organizations
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Table of contents


The Introduction to Lean for Service and Manufacturing course is part of the Lean for Business Organizations program which includes a total of 6 sections:
1. Introduction to Lean for Service and Manufacturing,
2. Using Lean for Perfection and Quality,
3. Lean Tools and Techniques for Flow and Pull,
4. Reducing Waste and Streamlining Value Flow Using Lean,
5. Value Stream Mapping in Lean Business, and
6. Applying Lean in Service and Manufacturing Organizations

Introduction to Lean for Service and Manufacturing
Using inefficient procedures is like digging a 200-foot wide hole for a 100-foot wide house. You’ll have wasted a great deal of effort on something you don’t really need. Your organization must make shrewd investments in its precious time, money, and effort. You need flexible, intelligent strategies to evolve and prosper in a competitive global market.
Lean is a methodology that incorporates a powerful set of tools and techniques designed to maximize customer value while constantly working to reduce waste. It focuses on improving overall efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction.
Because of its ability to improve customer satisfaction and deliver bottom-line financial gains, Lean is a preferred strategic choice for many organizations.
This course introduces you to the basic principles of Lean, which will help you create more efficient processes and get you on the road to successful operations management.
This course also outlines the five-step process for implementing Lean. By learning how to implement Lean in your organization, you can reduce the costs of developing your company’s product, increase production efficiency, and improve safety, quality, and performance levels.
Finally, the course explains how Lean integrates with the Six Sigma production management system. Using this hybrid approach enables you to minimize process and product defects, and to identify and resolve pervasive problems.
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You will learn

✓ Match industry types with examples of how Lean principles are applied
✓ Identify the basic principles of Lean
✓ Recognize correct application of the process for implementing Lean in an organization
✓ Order the steps in the Lean process
✓ Determine the best approach for integrating Lean and Six Sigma to address a given business need
✓ Match production management systems with their corresponding characteristics
✓ Match production management systems to corresponding business conditions that they are designed to address


• No course requirements or prerequisites

This course is for

• Individuals who have responsibility for reducing costs and waste, and improving efficiency and customer value at the organizational or departmental level
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Sorin has an extensive background in civil service, private sector and NGO work. He has more than 15 years of managerial experience in justice, corrections, internal affairs, training, project management and consultancy within the private sector and NGO.
Additionally, he is certified as an ICDL tester and trainer for United Nations Peacekeeping Missions and holds a professional degree in public management.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 51m
Language: English
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