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Introduction to Latin Guitar 拉丁风格吉他入门

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Table of contents


Tutor Introduction

Ricardo Vogt, born in Santa Cruz do Sul, RS – Brazil, started his studies in guitar performance at Berklee College of Music in 2004. While at Berklee, grammy nominated jazz pianist Eliane Elias heard him and hired him on the spot. Ricardo graduated and began touring the world performing at many prestigious jazz festivals as a member of her quartet.

Soon after he was invited by Esperanza Spalding to join her band, which led to several worldwide tours, 3 Grammys as well as numerous television appearances. Among the performances stand out the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony awarded for president Barack Obama; Rock in Rio as well as opening shows for.

As a studio musician Ricardo has worked extensively recording on several albums in many different genres, including Esperanza Spalding’s Chamber Music Society, which awarded her the Grammy® for Best New Artist and features Ricardo Vogt alongside Milton Nascimento; and Radio Music Society, winner of 2 Grammys where Ricardo plays with Jack DeJohnette, Joe Lovano and Leo Genovese.

Ricardo is fully endorsed by Godin Guitars since 2006. Recently Godin developed a special guitar for Ricardo which has a bass string and an alternate tuning. The guitar is a signature series called ‘Multiac Ambiance tuned for Ricardo Vogt’ and is featured on his project with Brazilian musician Veronica Nunes.

Ricardo is also a distinguished singer/songwriter. One of his compositions is featured on Sergio Mendes latest album called Magic. He also has written several songs in partnership with Milton Nascimento and Pedro Bernardo. Their songs are being released in an album produced by Ricardo that also features Downbeat Best Jazz Vocal Award winning Leala Cyr.


里卡多·沃格特(Ricardo Vogt)出生于巴西南圣克鲁斯,2004年开始在伯克利音乐学院学习吉他演奏。在伯克利时,获格莱美奖提名的爵士钢琴家埃利安·埃利亚斯(Eliane Elias)听到他的演奏并邀请里卡多加入她的四重奏,毕业后开始在世界各地的许多爵士音乐节上巡回演出。

其后他受埃斯佩兰萨·斯伯丁(Esperanza Spalding)邀请加入乐队,进行了几次环球巡回演出,3次获得格莱美奖,并参与了许多电视节目的演出。

其中具代表性的演出包括总统奥巴马的诺贝尔和平奖颁奖典礼,Rock in Rio音乐节, Prince、Carlos Santana以及George Benson的暖场演出。

里卡多参与录制过大量不同风格的专辑,当中包括Esperanza Spalding的《Chamber Music Society》,该专辑助其获得格莱美最佳新人奖。另一张专辑《Radio Music Society》获得两项格莱美奖,由Ricardo Vogt与Jack DeJohnette,Joe Lovano和Leo Genovese一起录制。

You will learn

✓ Understand basic latin genres including cha-cha-chá, bosa nova and salsa 了解恰恰、波萨诺瓦与萨尔萨等拉丁风格音乐特点
✓ Learn to play comping for four selected songs in latin style on guitar 学会四首拉丁风格歌曲的吉他伴奏
✓ Learn to play basic rhythm and chords in latin style on guitar 学会拉丁吉他的基础节奏型与常用和弦
✓ You will be able to re-arrange some pop songs in to latin style using certain patterns 你将能够运用一些演奏模式把流行歌曲改编成拉丁风格


• Be able to read tabs and chord diagrams 能够阅读吉他谱与和弦图
• Basic guitar skills 掌握基本的吉他演奏技巧

This course is for

• Beginning to intermediate guitar players who interested in latin and jazz music 对拉丁和爵士音乐感兴趣的初中级吉他学习者
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 49m
Language: English
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