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Introduction to JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)

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JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. JSON has become a widely accepted and popular format for data due to it’s platform neutral nature, lightweight format, and it’s ability to convert directly to native JavaScript Objects. JSON is being used everywhere from Web APIs, to noSQL databases, to server side language libraries and client side frameworks.
This course will give you a low level understanding of JSON syntax, data types, and formatting, followed by a high level introduction into the many applications of JSON out in the world today. This course will also address security concerns with JSON, so you can use JSON in your own applications with confidence.
Putting JSON in your tool-belt is the first step. This course will give you not just an understanding of JSON syntax, but and understanding the role JSON is currently playing in the web today.
In Web Development there are a lot of buzzwords buzzing like:
•JSON Web APIs •Single Page Applications •Client Side Model-View-Controller (or MVC) •NoSQL Databases This course seeks to inspire you in how you can use the new JSON in your toolbelt through exposing you to the role JSON plays in these technologies. Join me, Marie Taylor, and learn JSON today.

You will learn

✓ A handout with key terms and key points for each course section
✓ A quiz at the end of each section that tests your understanding of important JSON concepts, followed by a final exam at the end of the course.
✓ By the end of the course, you will be able to use JSON in your own applications with skill and confidence.


• A basic understanding of JavaScript (beginner is fine)
• A basic understanding of Client Side vs Server Side (beginner is fine)

This course is for

• Programmers and Developers at any level
Web Developer & Educator
     Marie Taylor has over seven years professional experience in Web Application Development and training students in web technologies through webinars, books and online courses.  She specializes in DHTML, JavaScript, jQuery, XSLT (XML, XSL, & XPath), JSON, ASP .NET & c#. Marie is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP).  Marie actively stays educated in the latest web standards (like HTML5) and continues to work as a Freelance Web Application Developer and Educator. 
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 32m
Language: English
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