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Introduction into Facebook Marketing & Facebook Advertising

SETUP Efficient Facebook Advertising Strategy. OPTIMISE Facebook Ads Budget. MASTER Facebook Marketing & Facebook Ads.
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“The BEST, authentic, great and very precise course on Facebook Marketing and Facebook Advertising. Though the course is just 10 hours, it covers the topics beyond anyone’s expectations. I would rank this course #1 because the instructor Tomas takes the systematic and a very organized approach in training the students. I will enrol for another courses because it’s JUST WORTH IT. The course brilliantly and generously covers the entire topic without biases or prejudice. The instructor is really empathetic towards every Digital Marketer and it really shows in this course. Very interesting and very comprehensive. Thank you.” Yasmin
“I have started to learn this course and I can see all the efforts put by our Teacher Tomas Moravek and his team to make the content more engaging and appealing to students. The creativity and passion to help students learn can easily be seen and felt. I am enjoying the course so far and would be looking forward to implement the methods one by one. Truly appreciate our teacher and his team efforts.” Mohammed
Quote from my student using this Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Introductory strategy for beginners:
“Listen to Tom! I finished over a month ago and put Tom’s advise into practice. Listen to him you need to work on creating GREAT content and have hyper focused targeting especially with video. Doing this I was able to get a relevancy score of 10 for video views and 8 for engagement goals. Thank you sir for taking the time to teach us what really matters and not just the technical stuff which changes all the time. 🙂 “
I’m Tomas Moravek, an award winning internet marketing expert from Internet Marketing Capital Prague and I’d like to ask you a simple question.
Are you getting the results you want from your Facebook Marketing or Facebook Ads yet?
If you’re not getting the results you need from Facebook Marketing, Facebook Advertising, and Facebook Ads – chances are you need a smarter strategy.
I can help with that 😉
My exclusive, Internet Award Winning Facebook Marketing and Facebook Ads course fuses the latest scientific data gleaned from Social Bakers Market Research, with my own expert analysis.
When you enrol, you’ll learn the only tested, proven, and unbeatable way to WIN with your Facebook Marketing.
This course will make your Facebook Ads budget 100 % more effective!
•Do you need help understanding Facebook Marketing?
•Want to learn how to set up Facebook Ads that get real results?
•Wish you knew how to benefit from all the features Facebook Marketing offers but don’t know where to begin?
This course will teach you what you need to know about Facebook Marketing, Facebook Ads, and Facebook Advertising to increase your efficiency…
If you find Facebook Marketing overwhelming, continue to get disappointing results from your Facebook Ads, or are sick of seeing your Facebook Advertising budget disappearing down a black hole – this course can positively change your life.
Using my proven insider Facebook Marketing knowledge that I’ve laid out in easy to follow steps, using high quality video explainers, anyone can become an instant success using Facebook Ads and Facebook Advertising.
You’ll learn to understand the power of engaging Facebook Ads content and how to create it. Without grasping this fundamental principle your Facebook Ads will always underperform – I will teach you how to create winning content that magnetises leads.
•I often hear people say Facebook Ads are a big drain on their cash that give them little real results to show for their money.
•It doesn’t have to be this way, in fact quite the opposite.
•Facebook Ads can be massively profitable – if you know how to use them to your advantage.
With the power of Facebook Marketing & Facebook Ads, you can use Facebook Advertising to enjoy real success.
Using easy to understand video presentations I’ll lay out real case studies you can use as instant blueprints to success. Get more while spending less on Facebook Ads with my Master Strategy to increase your Facebook Marketing results to the maximum.
Once you’ve finished my Facebook Marketing course, you’ll understand why you were failing before and you’ll be able to ensure you never again make the same mistakes, or throw your money away on Facebook Ads that underperform.
My Facebook marketing strategy will give you exactly what you need to succeed with Facebook Ads and Facebook Advertising. It will teach you to:
•Fully understand the Facebook marketing algorithm & use it to your benefit in Facebook advertising
•Reach maximum efficiency with everyFacebook marketing post & Facebook ad you create
•Massively increase your ability to reach potential clients using the power of Facebook marketing & Facebook advertising
Even if you have no prior knowledge you can immediately learn how to master Facebook Marketing and start profiting from it.
This is the Introductory Facebook Marketing strategy for Facebook Ads & Facebook Advertising.
Learn from my most successful Facebook Marketing campaigns – follow the blueprints I’ll show you and use the same strategy to reap massive profits from your Facebook Ads.
Using clear video explainers, I’ll teach you both theoretically and practically how to create winning Facebook content targeted to the right people. Then I’ll show you how to amplify your results using specific types of Facebook remarketing to bring in a consistent lead stream with Facebook – every time.
With my mobile optimised content and easy to understand material, you can study effortlessly anywhere – download Udemy app via the Apple Store or Google Play and you can learn my strategy wherever you are – at any time of day!
I’ve genuinely put so much into this, because sharing marketing knowledge and success secrets is a passion of mine. There’s no better satisfaction for me than when one of my students leaves me great feedback or tells me how I helped them.
With a full, no quibble, 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you’re not completely satisfied, there’s absolutely no risk and a world of opportunity waiting.
Enrol NOW in this Facebook Marketing & Facebook Ads EFFICIENCY MASTERY Now!
I wish you every success and can’t wait to welcome you on board,
Ing. Tomas Moravek

You will learn

✓ Proven Facebook Marketing Strategy to super-charge your Facebook Ads & Facebook Advertising.
✓ Effortlessly grow customer reach through smarter Facebook Marketing & Facebook Advertising.
✓ The Facebook Marketing algorithm – explained – so you can turn it to your advantage in Facebook Ads.
✓ Use video in your Facebook Ads– create engaging movies for your Facebook Marketing & Facebook Advertising.
✓ Success blueprints – Real examples you can follow to boost your Facebook Ads performance & benefit from the Facebook Marketing algorithm.
✓ Learn how to create the right kind of value added “good” content to achieve maximum reach & engagement in your Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing.


• Open & Positive Mind.Basic understanding of Facebook marketing.No experience of Facebook Advertising needed.Strong wish to succeed with Facebook marketing & Facebook advertising.Will to creatively think about your content & targeting.

This course is for

• B2B, B2C, entrepreneurs, start-ups, marketers, influencers, Facebook admins, Facebook editors, content creators, creatives, advertisers, real estate agents, job seekers, local business, etc.

How much does the Introduction into Facebook Marketing & Facebook Advertising course cost? Is it worth it?

The course costs $19.99. And currently there is a 82% discount on the original price of the course, which was $109.99. So you save $90 if you enroll the course now.
The average price is $14.9 of 234 Facebook Marketing courses on Udemy.

Does the Introduction into Facebook Marketing & Facebook Advertising course have a money back guarantee or refund policy?

YES, Introduction into Facebook Marketing & Facebook Advertising has a 30-day money back guarantee. The 30-day refund policy is designed to allow students to study without risk.

Are there any SCHOLARSHIPS for this course?

Currently we could not find a scholarship for the Introduction into Facebook Marketing & Facebook Advertising course, but there is a $90 discount from the original price ($109.99). So the current price is just $19.99.

Who is the instructor? Is Ing. Tomas Moravek | SEO, Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Expert a SCAM or a TRUSTED instructor?

Ing. Tomas Moravek | SEO, Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Expert has created 27 courses that got 11,097 reviews which are generally positive. Ing. Tomas Moravek | SEO, Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Expert has taught 511,354 students and received a 4.5 average review out of 11,097 reviews. Depending on the information available, Ing. Tomas Moravek | SEO, Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Expert is a TRUSTED instructor.
Awarded SEO, Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Expert
My mission is to make your life better & to bring you the ultimate value:

“I have been enjoying the course. It’s very straight forward and clear. I love the step by step processes in your Digital Marketing Course. I now have a job in a digital marketing company. I’m working as a copywriter and account manager for a team of developers and graphic designers. I’m currently working for Puerto Rico’s Swimming Federation, writing 2 blog posts and 16 social media posts every month, and get extra income as the account manager. Thank you so much for the knowledge and help throughout the course. You have been very helpful in my path to great success.” Gabriel

“This is the only course you need. For Real, Tomas is delivering so much value, it’s almost criminal. I have followed a lot of Facebook ads courses. None of them made me feel confident like this one. Thank you again for this course. There is so much value, much more than in others that costs 997€.” Thomas

“Tomas is passionate about Facebook advertising and he knows his stuff. Watch carefully, he is sharing exactly what works for him. He answers questions and goes above and beyond what you would expect from a teacher. I’m 10 videos into the course and I have my first client. I simply shared a little bit of the knowledge that Tomas shared and the client ASKED ME to help him with his marketing.” Rory

I’m Tomas Moravek, award winning Prague based digital marketer, and I’m here on Udemy to help you to MASTER the strategies of SEO, Social Media & Digital Marketing. So, you can slash yours spend while supercharging your results.

Digital Marketing doesn’t have to be mystifying, frustrating, or a hassle. It can be great fun, and a consistent, profitable way to financial freedom and security. In my courses, I’ll teach you easy-to-learn SEO, Social Media & Digital Marketing techniques, strategies, and shortcuts, so you can become the MASTER.

I invite you to join me, as one of my students, and promise that if you enroll, I’ll take you on exciting, informative, and eye-opening journey. Plus, there’s absolutely no risk, as I’m so confident you’ll love the material I present to you, I’m offering 30 days no quibble full refund if you’re not completely satisfied.

My highest goal here is to inspire you to take your online marketing to a new level of prosperity and abundance, so you can enjoy life, with more free time and money to do what you love the most.

My core mission is to enable people around the globe to optimize their Social Media Ads budget, and after years of research, experimentation, and analysis, I’ve unraveled a winning Social Media Marketing Strategy that’s so good it helped me to win the Internet Efficiency Award in 2016.

If you’re wondering about my tutoring credentials, you’ll be reassured to know that I have tutored over 100 000 students. In 2013 I was even awarded the European Prize LABEL for tutoring blind students. Marketing & education are my twin lifelong passions, and I’m combining them both here to present you with my expert tuition.

I’m extremely grateful to have tutored 100,000+ happy students in the European Educational Centre. My marketing plan was chosen as the winning one by the University of Cambridge ESOL. I launched my first website back in 1998, my first Facebook page in 2009, and by 2011 had achieved first position in SEO results. 

Now I’m blessed to work as Senior marketing manager on an ambitious e-shop project, currently expanding into the whole of Europe with a turnover presently in 9 figures, which is predicted to rise to 10 figures within the year.

During my time overseeing this project, I’ve doubled the turnover of Scandinavian e-shops. I can do the same for your Marketing profits too.

Currently living with my wife in the heart of Europe in Prague. I’m as passionate about the world of digital marketing as I am about teaching others what I know. 

I really hope to see you on my SEO, Social Media & Digital Marketing courses, where I can pass on to everything I’ve learned about Online Marketing, so you can use my knowledge to prosper.


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Platform: Udemy
Video: 9h 42m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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