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Intro to the Art of Destiny Analysis in Chinese Metaphysics

The Ancient Methods in Chinese Metaphysics in Reading a Person's Destiny
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Everything in this life has energy. When a person born in this world, he will be influenced by celestial bodies especially the big planets in our solar system. The formation of these big planets will create a certain energy pattern. The year, month, day and hour of our date of birth can be translated into these energies. In Chinese Metaphysics, these energies are wood, fire, earth, metal and water, and each of these energies have its quality of Yang and Yin.
In the Arts of Destiny Analysis, these energies pattern are called as the Natal Chart or Static Energy Patterns. These energies will in turn change based on the formation of the celestial bodies movement from time to time, and these changes are called Luck Period or the Dynamic Energy Patterns.
One of the branch studies that we are going to learn here is the Four Pillars of Destiny. This art has already existed since hundred to thousand years ago. This art is still exist until now because if it isn’t giving benefit to mankind, naturally this art of course will slowly cease to exist. The accuracy of this art is almost between 70-90%.
If we apply this art correctly, from the Natal Chart and the Luck Period, we can analyze our character, wealth, power, love, relationship with parent and children, disease and bad luck. By using this art of Four Pillars of Destiny, we can reveal a person destiny and help to play it out to their best possible benefit.

You will learn

✓ Basic understanding of the Art of Destiny Analysis (Four Pillars of Destiny) of Chinese Metaphysics
✓ The Foundation Concept in the Arts of Chinese Metaphysics
✓ Basic Reading of a Four Pillars of Destiny Chart


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• Beginner student who keen on learning the Art of Chinese Metaphysics
Chinese Art of Metaphysics Practitioner
Hi, my name is Hery Yang. I am a practitioner of Chinese metaphysics since 2014. I have already interested in Chinese metaphysics since 2006 when at that time, I started by reading several books on this topic and created my own software based on the theory that I have read. Later on, I pursued my studies with several Master and Grand Master from several well-known countries in Chinese metaphysics.As we know, the topics in Chinese metaphysics do not yet have a well-structured curriculum, because in one of the royal histories in China, books on this topic were destroyed on purpose, but fortunately there are several books that have been saved and are passed down to us through the Master.There are lot of subjects on these studies from BaZi (Four Pillars of Destiny), QiMenDunJia (Strategic Arts in Chinese Metaphysics), ZiWeiDouShu (Purple Star Astrology), Yijing, Feng Shui and so forth. I have learned most of these subjects since 2006, and as far as I can say, I finally managed to combine several of these arts usage to achieve the best results for my clients.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 19m
Language: English
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