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Interview Like A Champ!

How To Master Both Sides Of The Job Interview (for job-seekers & hiring professionals)
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This course represents a few firsts when it comes to career advice and interviewing mastery…
First of all, for all of you that have take my other course called Dominate the Hidden Job Market of The Future…
… you know that I’m not a fan of obvious advice… the goal is always to keep things fresh and useful.
And this course– Interview Like A Champ! — is 100% actionable with scripts and step-by-step instruction that you can pretty much use word-for-word if you want to.
Here’s another first:
This course is not just for job-seekers and it’s not just for people who conduct interviews… it’s for both!
Each are meant to gain extremely helpful insight from cutting edge strategies on both sides of the ‘interview table’
Never before has there been this much access into the minds of job seekers and hiring professionals. 
By the end of this course, you will be ‘in their head’—so, in other words, job seekers: you will know precisely what the hiring manager wants to hear and see in almost every conceivable situation.
Hiring managers and recruiters: you can finally shed the dead-weight questions that lead to nowhere– the ineffective and essentially random strategies that are practiced in most hiring organizations these days. This course will teach you to understand what makes the candidate tick and how to cut to the real issues, to what is really relevant to you, to get the real story and control the situation.
Job Seekers: you in turn gain more power by viewing the hiring manager’s strategy through the window that is this course.
By the end of this course, here are just a few of the life and career-changing things that you will know:
How to show rather than tell about your value and what you bring to the table
How to identify the problem that companies you are interviewing with are hiring you to solve
How to ensure that the candidate you are interviewing is the right problem-solver
How to construct cheat sheets for yourself that help you to be prepared but also to ‘be in the moment’ and be at your best when it really counts
How to develop the optimal routine for the day of your interview
How to uncover candidate upside and also lowlights—how to reveal the things that the candidate isn’t telling you
How to uncover candidate reasons for change and what constitute valid reasons for change
How to adapt to new developments in the candidate’s job search situation
How to identify the questions behind the questions—the real interview game being played and how you can ‘ace’ these tests
By the way, that’s all in part 1…
For the interviewer, you will know how to control the interview and how to maintain a high level of respect from candidates.
Throughout this course, both sides will learn how to level the playing field when the power dynamic is imbalanced.
Interviewers: you’ll learn how to create sharply effective questions—ones that are extremely precise and relevant —  there will be no need for you to search Google for ‘interesting’ interview questions any longer.
And of course, we cover in a huge amount of depth how to answer questions in the most effective value-telegraphing ways—ways that show your value rather than telling about it… because as you know, talk is cheap.
Both sides will also know, by the end of this course, how to negotiate in the interview– you’ll learn from exact scripts that are provided.
Lastly, you’re going to know how to adapt to curveballs, you’ll know what to do when you get stumped, and you’ll know how to adapt to various interview formats.
All of this is covered in this course in a way that you’ve never seen before. I guarantee it.
There you have it… Interview like a champ!
Let’s get cracking. I will see you on the inside!

You will learn

✓ How to employ a brand new strategy for working within the job market
✓ How to demonstrate your value to the job market
✓ How to address real problems companies have (scratch them where they itch)
✓ How to uncover candidate upsides and low-lights (all the things they’re not telling you)
✓ How to uncover and understand reasons for change
✓ How to adapt to new developments in the interview process
✓ How to identify the questions behind the questions
✓ How to re-balance the power dynamic in any interview situation
✓ How to navigate the delicate negotiation process
✓ How to interview like a champ!


• A desire for career excellence or interviewing expertise

This course is for

• Career Developers
• Job-Seekers
• Interviewers
• Recruiters
• Hiring Managers
Automation, Lead Generation, Marketing & Sales Expert
Ryan loves helping small and medium sized staffing firms kick butt against the ‘big guys’.

He specializes in barrier-busting staffing agency acceleration and growth-hacking.

He helps recruiting firms establish inbound marketing strategies that relieve the pressure to cold call.

He helps new entrepreneurs get traction and launch their staffing & recruiting enterprises.

He helps existing entrepreneurs build-out their practice into an automated and repeatable sales engine and sellable asset.

He helps staffing & recruiting professionals establish a low-pressure natural and repeatable sales process for consistent rain-making.

In 2014, Ryan founded LyrGroup, a workforce solutions firm in Toronto that became one of Canada’s fastest growing companies. The firm was acquired in 2016.

Since then, he has been travelling, consulting and creating online courses & programs.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 53m
Language: English
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