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Interior design for small apartments.

Space saving hacks for studio and one bedroom apartment.
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Every owner or renter of a small apartment has 3 big questions:
1. Where do I put all my things?
2. How do I make the same square meters have more than one function? The same square meters have to be a bedroom, a living room, an entertainment area, a children’s playground…and so on?
3. How do I deal with questions number 1 and 2 while not making my space look totally crammed and ugly? How do I not feel like I live in a shoebox? 
All legitimate questions and I am here to tell you that it’s possible to have an answer at all three questions. Have your cake and eat it too.
With the help of sketching and 3d modelling, I’ll be showing you how I go about finding solutions for a small 33 sqm (361 sqf) apartment.
In the design exploration process, I will explain topics like:
•Understanding the needs of the people and the constraints of the space
•Prioritising your design decisions
•Understanding a floor-plan
•Sketching on the floorplan
•Alignment and order
•Removing walls and natural light
•Compact and flexible furniture
•Storage location
•Optical illusions
Small spaces require some custom solutions or some unique pieces of furniture that offer high flexibility. These solutions may not compete in prices with Ikea, but offer a really high value to you long term.  They can relieve the pressure of having to move to a bigger place and subsequently help you save the money you would have paid indefinitely for a bigger place and put it in your pocket. 
You don’t need a bigger place. You just need a smarter design.
Ultimately how big a place FEELS matters more than how big it actually is.

You will learn

✓ Understanding the problems of the people living in and the opportunities and limitations of the space
✓ Making a list of design decisions and prioritising them
✓ Understanding a floorplan
✓ Sketching in scale on a floorplan
✓ Removing walls and partition walls
✓ How and where to store your things so that your home doesn’t look any smaller.
✓ How to make the same square meters/ feet be a living room, a bedroom, an entertainment room, a children’s playground etc
✓ Compact furniture design
✓ Optical illusions or how to make your home look bigger than it is


• Some basic understanding of floorplans.

This course is for

• People owning or renting a small apartment who want to know how to adapt it to their needs so they don’t have to move in a bigger place.
• Interior design lovers.
Design for happiness and wellbeing.
I’m a licensed architect with over a decade of experience in Vienna, Austria. I have a double degree in Architecture and” Building Science and Technology” and I am deeply passionate about architecture psychology and optimizing the interior design in order to create great emotional experiences for people. My goal is to design spaces that make people FEEL loved, happier, healthier and more creative.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 42m
Language: English
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