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Indian Handloom Masterclass

A detailed introduction to Indian Handwoven Textile for Fashion Designers, Entrepreneurs and Enthusiasts.
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There is no organised knowledge source to understand Indian Handloom when it comes to the technical understanding of handloom textile. Books and blogs are there who are hardly touching the Designing, Production, Costing and any other detail what a designer or an entrepreneur needs to understand.
This course is offering comprehensive learning of Indian Handloom where a beginner will get a deeper understanding. An intermediate learner will get more clarity and new knowledge on Indian Handloom.  An advanced learner will get something which is purely derived from extensive working experience and field studies.
Debal Banerjee designs this course which is a handloom practitioner and textile designer having 13 years of experience. In this course, one can get a comprehensive insight on following topic.
•Raw Material (natural and synthetic fibres used in textile)
•Yarn (structural detail and relative density calculations of yarns popularly used in Indian Handloom)
•Textile Dyes (Details of synthetic and natural dyes used in present-day Indian Handloom)
•Handloom Technology
•Introduction to textile design: Decorative Handloom Weaving.
•Introduction to Indian Handloom Techniques (Harness Lifting, Jamdani, Ikkat, Cut shuttle)
•Authenticity Identification methods (Ikkat, Jamdani, Banarasi etc.)
•Handloom Workflow: Explanation of every step of the production process.
•Cost Calculation Methods.
•Glossary of Indian Decorative Weaving.

You will learn

✓ Indian Handloom Textile
✓ An introduction to Various Natural Raw material
✓ Yarn and its structure and relative density calculation
✓ Dyes used in Indian handwoven textile: Synthetic and Natural
✓ Basic Introduction to Indian Woven Textile Design
✓ Handloom Technology
✓ Overview of Various Indian Handloom Technique.
✓ From raw material to handwoven textile: Overview of the process
✓ How to judge the quality and authenticity of handwoven textiles
✓ How to calculate price of a handwoven textiles.
✓ Glossary of Indian Decorative Weaving


• Enthusiasm to learn.
• A mentality to support Heritage Crafts.
• Eagerness to know handloom and support sustainability.

This course is for

• Fashion design students
• Budding fashion designers
• Merchandisers
• Handloom Startup Owners
• Textile Enthusiasts
• Handloom Enthusiasts
• And anybody who want to understand Indian Handloom in a deeper manner.
Textile Designer | Handloom Expert | Educator
Debal Banerjee (Deb) is a handloom evangelist with 15+ years of erudite pedigree who launched this handloom of India initiative in 2017 with the motto of helping brands and entrepreneurs harness the infinite potential of the Indian handloom industry which offers a high degree of complexity to the new entrants and the established players alike. Interestingly Indian handloom is a culmination of 5000 years of rich heritage which has never been adequately recorded or documented in any significant form. Deb through his vast on-ground experience of having closely worked with the artisans and weavers through the length and breadth of this country has assimilated the know-how and pedagogy and developed deep market insights which make him an unmatched professional in this field.
Some of the best known international brands in the apparel industry leverage Deb’s expertise to spearhead their R&D, sharpen market intelligence, enhance their portfolio, and streamline their operations. For his contribution to the industry, Deb has been bestowed with some of the most prestigious awards and recognitions. Deb has been invited to conduct several trainings and workshops across the globe and also engaged in pro bono consulting work for social causes and initiatives.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 27m
Language: English
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