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Indian Dance Exercise and English Class Certified Course

Bharatnatyam and English combined dual course
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Bharatnatyam, Indian dance of classical arts is learnt here.

Basic steps are explained and ready to do choreography for stage programs is there.

Each video lecture also showcases the traditional attire of the Indian artiste.

Theory lessons and Practical are incorporated into the lessons here.

Bharatnatyam, as studied over the ages now learnt by thousands of enthusiastic learners, is present here within the lectures.

English lessons are also included, as extra language learning video lectures.

Note: Even after course completion, students enrolled get to have more lessons that are added in, gradually over the coming months so learning is continually there for all, as an added value for you.

Therefore, kindly do keep logging in and accessing course, after completion also to get access to additional video lessons added in slowly, as time permits the instructor.

While therapeutic dance is not just about a product, it is more common to see dance skills or techniques taught.

 Certain movements may be used to enhance balance, coordination or to improve neural activity.

In dance therapy, the focus is on the process or, more specifically, verbally processing, when possible, and finding symbolism through movement as it emerges in each session.

Therapeutic dance will more commonly result in a performance or demonstration of achievement, whereas dance therapy may continue until a client is no longer appropriate or reasons for entering therapy have been resolved. 

Performances may be appropriate for a dance therapy client if it is part of the treatment plan or a goal in the therapy.

You will learn

✓ Indian dance


• Good internet connection

This course is for

• Beginners and others
Classical Indian Dance artiste and English Teacher
I am a trained classical dance artiste, who has learnt the Indian dance art of Bharatanatyam, from the age of seven years.

I am teaching now online for students from India and abroad in private classes.
I also take English classes online in private individual sessions.

I work with youngsters with learning disabilities, Dsylexia etc apart from teaching the usual students.

I volunteer for the blind and work for other social service classes like teaching deaf youngsters.

‌Good Day, students, I am an online teacher.

‌ I studied at New Delhi, Delhi Public School, Chennai -Church of South India- Bains school and worked at Bangalore.

‌I have worked for an US National Medical Transcription company and for a nationwide educational Indian organization, as an online spoken English trainer  for 40 to 60 students in each of the 7 batches from Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai.

‌I teach English and Bharatanatyam Indian Classical Dance.

This is in the traditional Kalakshetra – Chennai style of the cultural dance form.

I teach Grammar, correct sentence structure, IELTS and other Foreign  language English exam questions and spoken English communication skills.

I also take special education classes for learning Disabilities/Difficulties students with Dsylexia, Dsygraphia, (Remedial classes for the Differently Abled) etc.

In addition, Creative Art therapy and Dance flexibility classes/courses etc are there for interested students.

The subject matter of each course varies to suit each student, according to their interests, hobbies.

This is in the English courses where the language too is mastered to offer a dual benefit in a combo course, where the subject of interest of study and English lessons for fluency, better pronounciation and vocabulary are combined for both needs of the students.

All classes are available online.

It is taught via Zoom class lesson links, WhatsApp video calls. Or Skype.

I am from Bangalore and am frequently in Kerala, Coimbatore etc where offline classes happen.

All ages and levels of learning, from basic to advanced students are welcome to join in my classes.

Registration for the monthly classes is via Google Pay etc for the convenience of students to pay online,  for the private online classes.

The classes are of one hour duration, three times a week and payable on a monthly basis.

These are private one to one individual seperate teaching sessions,  for complete attention of teacher for students, with convenient timings and flexible days or dates, as suitable for the students.

These are live classes conducted in direct interactions with those joining them.

Group classes are also taken at specific times, during particular days of the months.

The courses that are made here online are recorded lessons based on these educational classes for students, according to their particular subject interests.

The medium of the courses is in English.

They are usually about forty minutes video lecture lessons, more than the usual thirty minute stipulated one and are captioned for additional learning information and ease.

This helps in learning to read and speak at the same time accurately.

These are made into  various short modules, of between 1 minute or less to 12 minutes, to sustain student interest.

Each course has various extra resources like lesson notes, picture slides, audio file lessons, or more video lessons.

In addition, explanations for practical lessons with theory are there and theory text material like pdfs or typed in note lesson matter in resources.

On Udemy learning education site, these recorded courses are available for enrollment, with certificates issued by the organization on completion with my instructor name, Sarita Wariyer on each of these.

The certificate is available for download digitally and printable also.
Questions and answers for studentdoubts are answered, as frequently as possible.

Free previews of the courses, in brief lessons for those interested are there on the site, for students to get a glimpse into the course.

This is for getting an introductory idea about the lessons.

On taking the course, access to all learning matter with certification,  along with lifelong access to the teachings exist for the students to go back to and revise, as and when they require to do so.

The videos are downloadable and in easy to understand English that is taught at a slow but interesting and expressive pace, for the benefit of the learners, whose second language only is English.

Each course has its own unique lesson matter, that is carefully researched by the teacher for the lectures.

The teacher is also a certified counselor and is available for this online in private confidential sessions.

Counseling for students already enrolled in the courses is at a reduced rate.

Their second session is offered free, as an encouragement to them to open up about any issues they are facing.

As extra resources, you will see the teacher introducing Personal fitness trainer, Vaibhav M Warrier in the dance courses, as exercise lessons online also.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 53m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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