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Increase Trust by Understanding the Power of Your Nonverbals

Develop more welcoming behavior by exploring tools that empower you to understand nonverbals
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Nonverbal communication makes up the majority of the messages we use to navigate the world and our relationships. 
When we understand the power of the nonverbal messages we are sending and receiving, we can put that understanding into action, allowing us to enhance trust and the quality of our relationships. 
As the foundation of every relationship across our lives, trust possesses the unique power to deepen ties and provide stronger satisfaction.  In this course, we look at both research on how nonverbal communication shapes our perceptions, and take the steps to examine how we can use these insights to impact our own lives. 
In a focused and impactful style, expect to add to your proverbial “toolbox” of understanding around the topic of trust with special emphasis on how nonverbal communication can shift how we are perceived and form relationships.   All in a little over an hour!
Through a combination of lectures, quizzes, and special activities, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the special relationships between nonverbal communication and trust allowing you to apply the newfound insights use across work, home, and community relationships.

You will learn

✓ Advance our understanding of what it means to trust wisely
✓ Leverage the “Trust Gauge” analogy to better understand how trust builds and erodes
✓ Develop an understanding of how verbal, visual, and contextual cues layer together to signal trustworthiness
✓ Explore research on the powerful universal ways we naturally and rapidly assess trust in strangers and relationships
✓ Leverage an expanded definition of diversity to allow us to build even stronger relationships
✓ Build our skill at reading and interpreting key nonverbal messages


• No prior coursework or certifications are required for this course
• Students should come to this course with an open mindset and a desire to enhance their knowledge of both trust and nonverbal communication
• For the most impactful course experience, students should come prepared to engage the resources provided at key points of learning
• You should be eager to learn how to understand nonverbal communication, how it relates to trust, and put that newfound understanding to work across your life

This course is for

• Individuals who want to build their understanding of how trust impacts relationships and the way nonverbal communication impacts that trust
• Existing or aspiring team leaders looking to leverage how trust can enhance or detract from relationships
• Executives striving to develop ground rules and understanding that empower collaboration and productivity across diverse perspectives
• Anyone with a goal to improve their nonverbal communication understanding
• Anyone who wants to have a deeper understanding of how trust impacts relationships
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 6m
Language: English
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