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Improve your relationships & resolve conflicts with Dialogue

Become great with people and resolve personal and professional conflicts with the 'lost art' of dialogue.
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I want you to significantly improve or heal your personal or professional relations, especially with those who really matter!

Either you want to be a better spouse, son or daughter, a better parent, boss, colleague or friend, this course will help you to connect, understand better and be understood by the people who matter to you. And especially heal past wounds or solve those conflicts that put your relationships at risk.
This course is not just a set of behaviour tips, although it does give tips, but aims for developing a mental attitude, or a Dialogic Posture as we call it! And with it, you’ll connect with people in a very sincere, natural and charismatic way that lowers defences, gets them to listen to you and avoid unnecessary conflicts.

The lectures and exercises will help you develop your listening and voicing capacities. Basically you’ll be able to understand what’s beneath people’s lines and behaviours. And learn how to speak your truth, especially in difficult conversations.
Also, there is a section entirely dedicated to personal issues – you’ll be able to become more conscious of the traps and triggers that your ego play on you which doesn’t allow you to be “the best version of yourself”. This is what we call dealing with self-image issues.
At last, you will be able to deal with ANY EMOTIONAL SUFFERING by understanding the concept of emptiness or vacuity.
I have condensed a great part of my life’s work in this course in the form of animated video lectures. The exercises proposed here are used by myself with executives from major companies and governments. So I really hope you can get the best out of this experience!
And just in case you don’t get satisfied by this, you get a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
I’ll see you in the course! Thank you!

You will learn

✓ Know how to be great in any relationship
✓ Communicate significantly better with any person (spouse, sons, boss, parents, etc)
✓ Learn how to state your truth and be listened to
✓ Become more charismatic and a better listener
✓ Become a conflict solver – knowing how to deal with difficult conversations
✓ Learn how to understand what’s behind people’s lines and behaviors
✓ Become a master of yourself – become more centered and confident
✓ Learn how to deal with someone who doesn’t want to listen to you
✓ Know how to reframe negative conversations to more productive and mutually beneficial ones


• Computer, tablet or phone
• Time and commitment for doing the exercises

This course is for

• Should NOT take this course: those who are just interested in simple bullet points list on behavior tips
• Who wants to improve personal and professional relations with dialogue
• Who wants to become great with people in a sincere and natural way
• Who wants to solve those difficult conflicts with the people who matters
Dialogue teacher, human development facilitator
Cesar is an experienced dialogue teacher and facilitator. He has co-created the Sao Paulo School of Dialogue in 2008 and has helped hundreds of students to develop their dialogue and communication skills.
Has recently founded Ananda – Human Developement. A company focused on developing human potential, harmony in relations, self-knowledge and consciousness.
Living in Brazil, Cesar was part of the design team for ELIAS (Emerging Leaders Innovate Accross Sectors) Brazil initiative, an with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Presencing Institute program.
He is also an innovation consultant and facilitator, who helps companies, NGOs and governments to create innovative projects in a collaborative, multi-stakeholder approach.
His main fields of work are:
– Dialogue and harmony in relations
– Human development, self-knowledge and consciousness
– Human Centered Design, Design Thinking
– Leadership development and Theory U
– Spirituality and meditation
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 26m
Language: English
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