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Improve Your Reading Skills Part 3

Beginning Consonant Sounds
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Continue to improve your reading skills in Improve Your Reading: Phonics and Poetry Part 3: Beginning Consonant Sounds.  In this course, we continue our study of phonics, which is the study of the relationship of letters or letter patterns and their sounds. By learning the sounds of the different patterns, you can more easily pronounce words correctly.
In this course you will learn about beginning consonants sounds in letter combinations that are called consonant blends and consonant digraphs. These are 2-letter combinations that you will often see at the beginning of words
Consonant blends are letter combinations in which you hear the distinct sound of each letter, such as /bl/,  /st/, /dr/. Words that start with these blends include black, blue, study, stable, drive, and drop.
Consonant digraphs are letter combinations that together form a single sound, such as /sh/, /ch/, /qu/, /th/, and /wr/. Words that start with these combinations include share, shallow, church, churn, queen, quote, think, thought, write, and wring.
We will also study words that have consonant blends and digraphs together. These letter patterns include /shr/ and /sph/, and are seen in words such as shrink and sphere.
In each lesson, you will learn words that begin with the target consonant blend or digraph. Each word is read aloud so that you can hear its correct pronunciation as you read it to yourself. Then you will hear sentences using words with the particulars combination for that lesson. The lesson ends with a poem, and words with the target blend or digraph are highlighted. You can listen to the poems, and read as you follow along. This is great practice, and will help you improve your reading skills.

You will learn

✓ Improve reading skills by learning the relationships between letter patterns and their sounds
✓ Learn words that start with consonant blends, such as BL-, DR-, ST-, etc.
✓ Learn words that begin with consonant digraphs such as SH-, CH- TH-
✓ Study words that are commonly confused
✓ Improve reading skills through word study
✓ Improve reading skills through listening to sentences and poetry that is read aloud


• Have a basic understanding of individual letters and sounds in the English language.

This course is for

• Students who want to improve their reading skills
• Students who are learning English as a second language
• Learners who want to review phonics to help them become better readers
Acupuncturist, Reading Specialist and Teacher
Marcy is an acupuncturist, reading specialist, and has been teaching for over fifteen years. Her experience includes teaching children in special education, adults with disabilities programs, and college reading classes.
She especially enjoys helping students prepare for college level reading, and teaches phonics for adults. As a literacy specialist, she works with parents and families to implement reading programs and helps parents teach their children reading skills at home.
Marcy has been an acupuncturist for over 17 years, and has worked in several treatment facilities, hospice agencies, and private practice. She created the Calm Kids Acupressure program to treat children with anxiety and learning issues, and teaches the technique to parents and integrates mindfulness techniques and strategies into her reading instruction as well.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 45m
Language: English
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