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Improve English Vocabulary: Learn 3 Unique Methods

Best way to improve vocabulary easily and quickly without memorizing anything-Easy and fast methods.
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This course is mainly designed for students and business persons who need a quick improvement in their daily speaking English words/vocabulary.
In this increase English vocabulary course, I have introduced one of the best methods to improve vocabulary without memorizing any words. The method is called MUM Method. MUM stands for Meaning, Memorising, and Usage. Here, we address all the 3 challenges that come at the time of improving the vocabulary.  We will avoid seeing the meaning of the words either in the dictionary or, in the Google search. Once again, we will neither memorize the words nor, we will take extra effort to use the word here.
3 Unique Methods have been introduced for the first time in the world to let English learners an edge to be proficient in English-
1. Word-Substitution/Replacement Method,
2. MUM-Methodology,
3. Words-grafting Method.
How this Improve Your Vocabulary course is Amazing-
*Free upgrade with new and fresh content every time with a shorter interval time period. It means the content in this course is not limited. Every time you come back you may get amazed with some new and fresh content, lessons that will enrich your learning to move with more confidence. The motive behind the course is not to sell the course but to empower learners around the world to be skilled in their respective fields for a better career.

Keep learning because the course will have so many new updates with new learning materials and contents frequently. It is not limited. Still to cover a lot to help learners learn at best. Your hours are going to increase for sure here.

You will learn

✓ Any Exam based vocabulary
✓ 250+ Vocabulary from the No.1 American Newspaper The New York Times
✓ 250+ Vocabulary from the No.1 Indian Newspaper The Hindu
✓ 250+ Vocabulary from the No.1 Indian Newspaper The Times of India
✓ 250+ Vocabulary from the No.1 Indian Newspaper The Economic Times
✓ Day to day Vocabulary
✓ Vocabulary for all exams in the world


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This course is for

• Business persons who are willing to improve their vocabulary quickly with no effort
• Students from the background of CAT, XAT, UPSC, SSC Banking Exams etc. who are preparing for some exams
• Public Speaker who needs a strong command over vocabulary instantly
• All the English language learner who want to improve their vocabulary quickly
• Writers/Authors/Bloggers who need a great stock of vocab in mind to express their thoughts at best
• Students of IELTS/TOEFL/PTE looking for quick improvements in vocabulary
Courses on PreCareer Training/Personal Development/Job Ready
Mr. Vishwajayant Adhiraj is a highly experienced and qualified US-Certified Instructor having more than 13 years of experience and expertise in shaping youth, college pass-outs, and primarily working professionals for their careers and job with his research, education, corporate training, and academic teaching excellence. He has developed amazing courses that have benefitted worldwide students in more than 30 countries accessed in 65+ languages so far. The unique methods, easy concepts, and learning techniques used by him make learning really quick, effective, and praiseworthy mainly for fast learners which are quite impressive. Once again a truly genius person from India. He has developed courses with a mission.
From the pen of Instructor-
“AmBritish is working on 27 courses of Pre-Career training skills/Job ready/ Basic Employable Skills/Personal Development/ Foundation Entrepreneurship Skills(Pre-Career Skills) to empower 100 Million youth in India by educating while generating at least 10,000+ employment opportunities”.
Mission Edplodia -2025: “We have a mission of reaching out to 100 million students in India & in the rest of the world to provide them ‘Basic Employable Skills’ through our courses till/before 2025. After 2025, Edplodia University will create at least 0.1 million employment opportunities for people in India under ‘Edplodia’-the educating, employing organization;  We will make sure that not a single person should there be in any part of India with no employment opportunities or, employable Skills”.
“We will strive hard to make sure that youth having access to the internet and smartphone be given free ‘Basic Employable Skills’ till/before 2025″-Vishwajayanth Adhiraj”.
Mr. Vishwajayant Adhiraj aka Shyam is a Meliorist, an Ideator, Author, Blogger, Educationist, Serial Entrepreneur, Motivational Public Speaker, Lifeskills & Leadership Coach, Philosopher, Epigrammatist, Job Creator, and obviously a multi-skilled instructor on Udemy Inc., overall a World-reformer, a Visionary leader.
He says-“Have a vision and not just dreams” and “Work for the society, for the nation, for the people, and neither you will remain poor nor they will remain”.
“A man just with a vision is like a mountain in front of all those who are best in talents, skills, education, and expertise”.
He is the Founder of many Foundation led Startups-
Various great startups with great purpose at the national and international levels. ‘MEEEE’ is the mother company of startups like-
AmBritish : An initiative in the Education field that trains youth in Communication skills, Public speaking with leadership skills to nurture them as a powerful leader for tomorrow. He is the founder and CEO of AmBritish both.
Edplodia : An upcoming startup for creating Employment that takes responsibility to create more than 1,00,000 jobs(employment opportunity) in India by 2025 by training youth through employable skills and later employing them at the same time on Mission Edplodia 2025.
Goodlife Lifestyle Club: an initiative in Entertainment that has the motive to inspire the youth of the country to take music, act, dance, and drama as an alternative to smoking cigarettes or, boozing alcohol, as a way of life and not merely for entertainment. To express yourself, your feelings, and emotions through arts.
VA Fitness & Exercise: An initiative that motivates and urges people to take exercise and fitness activities as a part of life to have a balanced life. He says- “Exercise releases stress and is not just meant for physical strength”.
Motivation & Mentality: an initiative which is the compilation that includes motivational videos, Blogs, and Quotes to nurture the common mind at best aiming to upgrade the minds of Indian society where they just believe in going for impossible only.
CREDIMAS: an initiative that empowers Digital Marketer/Field Marketers to be skilled in Sales & Marketing skills to sell and do business in USA through Digital Marketing Services.
Dial@Home: a startup that provides a personal home-based call center same like BPO Companies at no charge to everyone rather say to millions to empower them to sell the world’s best affiliate products in the USA without a single penny cost with 100% Profit.
He is a Visionary Leader(a meliorist) with an extremely ambitious personality believing in reducing unemployment by imparting free education at the national level and international level through various Career-power up based and employable skill-based courses through various startups. Overall, he is a multi-faceted personality. A man with fire in mind and storm in heart.
Author: Million Millionaires, Fate or Frailty, The ultimate Sales Skills, Empty Pocket Startup, Want Women?, The Invincible Hindu- Vishwajayant Brothers,  The Invincible Brothers-Vishwajayant Brothers,
Blogger on ‘Shout I will rise’,
Epigrammatist/Quote Writer on ‘Renaissance Quote’ and
He has a very rich set of Hobbies. Instead of doing something merely for entertainment, he believes in creating multiple income sources with his existing skills, talents, knowledge, and expertise(obviously, he is a serial entrepreneur due to such a great mindset).
#MissionEdplodia2025       #SuperPowerIndia2030
     “Shaping the Country, shaping the world”.
*Mentality, Education, Employment, Entertainment, Exercise*
#BharatNirman #Charan1 #FreeEducation2all
“MEEEE is changing this world by taking initiative and thus taking the effort to transform the country, the Indian society, the world society for transforming the lives of millions to billions”.
Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 37m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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