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IKIGAI For Purpose Peeps

Unlocking YOUR Reason For Being That Connects With Your Soul Expression
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Purpose Peep (yes, that’s you),
Have you been longing to connect with your reason for being that aligns what you know with how you be and what you do?  Have you been asking the big three questions:
•Who am I, really?
•Why am I here?
•What am called/drawn/assigned to do with that understanding?
IKIGAI used as a framework to unlock your purpose possibilities, not affirm what you do not know or is not working for you, is a way to connect your inner purpose clarity with the world beyond yourself, which I call outer purpose clarity.  It is a dance between these two aspects of your path to purpose journey that leads to a thriving life of purpose.  Your purpose is alive and is not stagnate.  When we learn the daily practice of being with life as a purpose partner, our lived experience expands.
I am Dena Wiggins, and these days I call myself a Purpose Doula.  A doula is here to assist with a broad tool kit to support you in birthing your purpose clarity.  Life has been informing you as a faithful purpose partner and now is the time to recognize and align with life in real-time. 
The format is to watch a short video and do an unlocking assignment.  The beauty is that IKIGAI For Purpose Peeps is a framework that you can use repeatedly to:
•Get Clear
•Move Into Inspired Action Steps
•Continually Use As A Purposeful Lens For Your Life Experiences
Dena For Your Purpose

You will learn

✓ Discover Your Purpose Possibilities That Lead To Your Integrated Reason For Being
✓ Unlock Your Path To Combine Your Brilliance, Heart, Call and Purpose Currency
✓ Unlock The Nature of Your Path To Purpose Journey
✓ New Bonus!! Integrate Your Gene Keys (Your DNA Code) With IKIGAI


• Desire For To Live Purposefully Throughout Your Life
• Complete Your FREE Gene Keys Report at GeneKeys Dot Com
• Commitment To The Ongoing Practice of

This course is for

• Curious About Purpose Or Desire To Activate Purpose More Fully In Your Life
• Purpose Peeps (Everyone Is Designed With & For Purpose)
• Purpose Peeps Who Desire A Fun Experience To Unlock Profound Wisdom
• Purpose Peeps Who Realize Path To Purpose Is A Life Long Practice, Inquiry & Adventure!
Purpose Doula, Transformational Author, Speaker
As a transformational author, speaker, and doula, Dena Wiggins takes a passionate stand for purpose and the power it unleashes in people and businesses, which are systems of people. Dena’s books speak to purpose and the process of leveraging purpose to unlock keys to success from multiple lenses–spiritual, personal, and professional. Her process of awareness, practice, and mastery support taking inspired action to the outcome of fully realized purpose.Her multi-lens approach supports deep transformation through personal and shared experiences that support sustainable change. Dena holds a deep belief in the beauty and discovery of life through the Kaleidoscope Process, where people and systems of people turn and shift for multiple views–all true, all unique, all beautiful, and all purposeful. Her Unlock the Keys To Your Success & IKIGAI Series are designed to take you on a journey that unlocks all of who you are and the value you bring that you continually create and serve through as the soulful expression of who you are.
Dena is a Certified Purpose Coach in a model based on psychological research, an MBA Resultant, and a soulful partner in your journey to your results that matter.  Dena is a Quantum Human Design specialist, Gene Keys Ambassador and Master Soulful Facilitator. The inner spark that exists within all as souls having a human experience allows connection with life as a purpose partner. Her purpose is to unlock sparked Purpose Peeps who continually transform organizations into lighthouses that shine solutions that shift the world, no matter what. 

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 49m
Language: English
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