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IB maths AA Calculus (HL)

Complete course on the topic of Calculus designed for IB Math AA HL by an IB examiner
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Calculus describes rates of change between two variables and the accumulation of limiting areas.
Understanding these rates of change and accumulations allow us to model, interpret and analyze realworld
problems and situations. Calculus helps us to understand the behaviour of functions and allows us to
interpret the features of their graphs.

The aim of the SL content in the calculus topic is to introduce students to the concepts and techniques of
differential and integral calculus and their applications.
Throughout this topic students should be given the opportunity to use technology such as graphing
packages and graphing calculators to develop and apply their knowledge of calculus.

The aim of the AHL content in the calculus topic is to extend and build upon the aims, concepts and skills
from the SL content. Further powerful techniques and useful applications of differential and integral
calculus are introduced.

You will learn

✓ How to perform implicit differentiation
✓ How to complete related rate of change questions
✓ How to perform different integration techniques
✓ How to do definite integral
✓ Understand the concept of limits
✓ How to solve differential equation
✓ Understand and use maclaurin series


• basic differentiation

This course is for

• IB maths AA HL students over 18
• Parents of students doing IB maths AA
Math, teaching and exam enthusiast
Kidd is a full time math tutor located in Hong Kong. He has been teaching IB Math for more than 7 years now and He obtained his math degree from the University of Hong Kong. He is also an IB examiner.

Kidd hopes he can help you with your exam and math journey.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 6h 42m
Language: English
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