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Hypnosis : Master of hypnosis unleash your unconscious power

Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy Training to release your unconscious power - from a certified NLP & Hypnotherapy expert
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A Comprehensive Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy Training delivered by Matt Barnett – Expert in Personal and Business development & Certified Trainer of Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy ( American Board Of Hypnotherapy) & Certified Trainer of NLP (American Board of NLP)
FEEDBACK “This course is an extraordinary guide into hypnosis and its usage. It’s practical, well-done (great production quality), and it has a realistic approach to what is hypnosis and how one can practice it. As an NLP coach, I find the fact that the instructor is clearly using NLP tools of hypnosis to be a distinctive and rather effective way for anyone to learn language and behavioral patterns during the hypnosis process.From what I’ve seen, this course is one of the most powerful one into hypnosis on the Udemy market, by far.”
•Imagine if you could by using hypnosis harness the power of an incredible supercomputer, to work on your behalf, tirelessly producing results to get you the life of your dreams •Wouldn’t it be incredible to be able to help others to take control of their results and achieve more success, make more money, have more contented lives through hypnosis•Would you like to learn hypnosis and how to hypnotise others and yourself to tap in to this unlimited power?Hypnosis has been around in one form or another since the dawn of time. It is fast, effective and comfortable. In this comprehensive course. Matt Barnett Certified Trainer of Hypnosis will guide you step by step through the fascinating world of hypnosis and the Hypnotist.
Starting with the Origins of Hypnosis – this greatly underestimated tool for change, Matt will take you on a journey of discovery and insight that will empower you to take control of your mind, your results and will provide you with the Hypnosis tools for making lasting changes in behavior both personally and with others.

If you are a coach, parent or Mentor this hypnosis course is for you
•Dispel the Hypnosis Myths – so that you can been seen as an authority on the subject •Learn some of the linguistic tools of hypnosis and the hypnotist so that you can elegantly take another into a trance, relaxed state.•Learn the secret tips of a practising hypnosis expert and Master Hypnotist so that you can virtually ensure success. Become a Master of Hypnosis today !
I personally Guarantee this course back by Udemy’s now quibble promise. If you are not 100% satisfied with this Hypnosis training, you get your money back…simple…. SO let me ask you a question… with ZERO risk and everything to gain, would you like to learn how to use hypnosis to improve all areas of your l life ? Good… so join with other students just like you by choosing to decide to CLICK ON THE GREEN ‘ENROLL NOW’ Button now, and lets start mastering Hypnosis today.

Hypnosis for usewith yourself and others to unleash the power of your unconscious mind –   from a Certified Hypnosis Pro

You will learn

✓ Use Hypnosis to change your behavior so that you can dramatically improve your results
✓ Identify Hypnosis Myths when they here the so you can talk with your peers in an informed way
✓ Hypnotise others – to help them with virtually any issue
✓ Identify different types of trance induction so that they can choose the most appropriiate
✓ Identify the key influence in the development of Hypnosis
✓ Enjoy the relaxation of self hypnosis
✓ Use Hypnosis Go into trance – to go into a trance state – so that you can experience the power of the unconscious mind
✓ Use Hypnosis to communicate effectively with the unconscious mind to produce excellent behaviour
✓ Identify different types of trance induction, in hypnosis so that you can choose the most appropriiate
✓ Engage in Hypnosis with others – to help them with virtually any issue


• Students will need to have an open mind
• You will need to have an open mind and have a willingness to learn !
• You will need to be receptive to the idea that you can easily go into trance

This course is for

• This not simply a hypnosis intervention – you will learn to take yourself and others into trance
• Coaches, Parents, teacher will benefit greatly from this course
• This course is for people interested in psychology and specifically how Hypnosis plays a part
• This course is for anyone who wishes to understand more about hypnosis and the human mind
• This course is a great course for people interested in NLP and hypnosis
• This course is for people who are serious about learning how the mind works and how to use Hypnosis to get results
• This course is for people who are looking for a high quality content packed Hypnosis course
NLP , Hypnosis , Neuro Linguistic Programming coach & Pro
Matt is one of the few Fully Certified NLP Trainers on Udemy.  And has created the only Accredited NLP Training program accredited by the iGNLP™ &  ABNLP
Since the Mid 1990’s Matt has been using NLP in business and coaching to bring about results.
He currently coaches coaches and helps fledgling businesses to maximise their profitabilty.
From humble beginnings And using his Project management NLP, and Prince2 skills  Matt built a million dollar engineering business
Matt’s natural ability to program code, led him to the world of Internet business,getting involved in the dot-com boom where he applied his knowledge of programming, PERL, PHP, JAVA (oo) and C and business process /project Management (PRINCE 2) to assist launching a UK start up, later acquired by the Royal Mail and Rothschild’s Ventures. 
This gave him time to concentrate on other areas of his life, such as his passion for music song writing and personal development as well as the development of his passion,  Hypnosis and NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming )  training and coaching.
Matt has been studying, coaching and training NLP in personal development since 1998 and is a Certified Trainer of NLP & is a member of the American Board of NLP as well as the American Board of Hypnosis and the Timeline Therapy Assoication.  In 2010 he started a training organisation dedicated to teaching NLP and other personal development strategies, 
Matt currently runs a number of businesses and leverages his knowledge of Hypnosis, NLP  and psychology, technology and marketing to create profitable and exciting projects and products 
His latest projects include, a debt management business for small to medium sized businesses.  A new Engineering business, dealing with large well known supermarket and high street chains. 
A strong believer in collaboration, Matt is always looking to partner with like minded individuals to spread the word of what is achievable when you put a a dream in motion through persistent motivated action. 
His passion for internet marketing and web development is realized through his work in his new media agency and he is developing a franchise opportunity for would be coaches, to maximise results with clients through creating channels for his products and programs. 
A new goal to develop a business networking group was born out his frustration around what is currently ‘out there’
Current plans extend to the world of publishing. Legal services  Accountancy services
Matt is also looking to develop a business incubator to assist fledgling business to get off the ground and become profitable. 
On a personal level, Matt is a keen musician and songwriter and is currently writing  material for an album release in the near future. 
“I am committed to helping each of my Udemy students get the very best out of life, and regularly interact with my students so please do get in touch” Matt Barnett  
An Expert in Personal and Business development Certified Trainer of NLP (International Guild of NLP) &  (American Board of NLP) Certified Trainer of Hypnosis ( American Board Of Hypnotherapy)  Certified NLP Coach  Certified Timeline Therapy Master Practitioner Certified Entropy(tm) Master Trainer 
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 8h 38m
Language: English
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