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Hypnosis – How To Do Rapid Hypnotic Inductions

Instant and Rapid Hypnosis Training | Master 20 Effective Instant & Rapid Hypnotic Inductions
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This hypnosis course will teach you twelve rapid hypnotic inductions which can all be used to hypnotise people in under 60 seconds plus an additional eight hypnotic inductions which take anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes to induce hypnosis. This course isn’t ideal for complete beginners, it is preferable that you have some knowledge of hypnosis. This course just focuses on explaining and teaching how to do these rapid hypnosis inductions.
Learn how the twelve rapid hypnotic inductions are done and the principles behind them which make them work and allows you to take those principles and create your own hypnotic inductions.
You will learn about the role that focusing attention, using confusion, and interrupting patterns plays in rapid hypnotic inductions. You will also learn about the importance of confidence when doing the hypnotic inductions, and the role that context plays to make the inductions more effective.
The twelve rapid hypnotic inductions you will learn are:
•The Push Up Induction
•Hands Stuck Together Shock Induction
•Cal Banyan’s 8-Word Shock Induction
•Push Down On My Hand Shock Induction
•Spinning Hands Rapid Induction
•Richard Bandler’s Handshake Induction
•Eye Blinking Induction
•Look Into My Eyes Induction
•Imagining Picking Up & Putting Down An Object Induction
•Arm Lowering Induction
•Breathing In & Breathing Out Induction
•Look At My Finger Induction
This course also contains an additional eight hypnotic inductions which you can learn, bringing the total number of inductions you will learn on this course up to twenty
These inductions can induce hypnosis in subjects anywhere from within a few seconds to taking a couple of minutes. The additional eight hypnotic inductions are:
•Dave Elman Induction
•Subject Counting Backwards Induction
•Hand Passes Induction
•Ambiguous Arm Lift Induction
•Ideomotor Energy Hands Induction
•Uptime Downtime Induction
•That’s Right (That’s It) Induction
•Hypnotist Counting Down Induction
This course consists of video lectures about how what makes the inductions work, introducing and describing the rapid hypnotic inductions and demonstrations of the hypnotic inductions. This course covers how rapid inductions work before moving on to teaching you the actual hypnotic inductions to give you an underpinning of knowledge to help you have deeper understanding of the rapid hypnotic inductions and to be able to know how to create your own inductions.
This course can be completed in a couple of hours, although you may well want to revisit different induction demonstrations as you practice them. 
You should take this course if you are interested in quickly and easily learning simple and effective ways of rapidly hypnotising people. 

You will learn

✓ Know how to hypnotise people in less than 60 seconds
✓ Understand how many rapid hypnotic inductions work
✓ Know how to do twenty different hypnotic inductions
✓ Have the knowledge to create your own rapid hypnotic inductions


• There are no prerequisites for this course other than a willingness to practice the various inductions – so it could be useful to find a few people who you can practice with as you work through the course

This course is for

• This course is ideally for those who have had some prior hypnosis training because it doesn’t go into a lot of detail about hypnosis generally, it focuses on just teaching how to do rapid inductions
• This rapid hypnotic induction course is for those interested in knowing how to do rapid hypnotic inductions who want to know how to hypnotise people in less than one minute
• This course probably isn’t for you if you are already an experienced hypnotist who understands how to do rapid hypnotic inductions
Autistic Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Instructor
Dan Jones has sold over 100,000 books, 500,000+ of his Self-Hypnosis Mp3’s downloaded, over 4.5 million view of his videos and over twenty-five years experience with hypnosis, therapy and the healing arts. He has a wide range of popular Udemy courses and over 25,000 unique students from 161 countries.Dan Jones is an autistic best selling self-published author and hypnotherapy and psychotherapy trainer. He is one of the UK’s leading experts on Ericksonian Hypnotherapy. Described in the British media as ‘Remarkable’, with ‘Expert Insight’, and ‘Personal Development Guru…the UK’s Leading Personal Development Coach’.   Dan has over 25 years experience, he has carried out research into the effectiveness of using the Human Given’s Counselling Approach to reducing youth crime and anti-social behaviour with a Youth Offending Service (this research has been published in the peer reviewed journal ‘Human Givens’), and is a Trance-Formation Coach and founder of the Sussex Hypnotherapy Centre.  Dan Jones has held personal development and staff training courses within the local county council and district council on many topics including adult and child safeguarding, safety awareness, conflict resolution and breakaway techniques, and stress management. He has taught courses for young people with local youth projects, and held courses on parenting and managing challenging youth in various secondary schools and primary schools. He has taught staff in various children’s homes topics like stress management, managing challenging behaviour and conflict resolution, and carried out clinical supervision with hypnotherapists and professionals working with individuals and families, as well as holding training courses in the UK and abroad for professional students on hypnosis, therapy and healing, and courses for ‘self-help’ or ‘personal development’ on well-being, mind-body healing, self-hypnosis, overcoming phobias, weight loss, and using dreams therapeutically, and courses on parenting and family work, including child/teen to parent domestic abuse, helping children to sleep, and managing children/teen’s challenging behaviour, and effective parenting techniques, to family support workers, youth workers and social workers.  Dan has also worked on, and been consulted for TV Programmes like ‘The Anatomy of Fear’ and ‘Big Brother’ and has been interviewed by a variety of magazines, newspapers and radio programmes in the UK and abroad. Dan has also written over ten books on hypnosis, therapy and parenting including the number 1 Hypnotherapy Bestseller ‘Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Scripts’ and number 1 Psychology Biography Bestseller ‘Look Into My Eyes’. Some of Dan’s books have been published in more than one language. Dan has also created a wide range of free and ‘paid for’ hypnosis and therapy training and personal development products, and runs the UK’s premier accredited Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Practitioner Level Diploma.  Show moreShow less
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